LIST: A Guide To Kim Dami’s Korean Drama And Film Roles

Kim Dami went from being a rising star to winning Best New Actress awards, and now starring in her second Korean drama as the lead star once again.

Here are Kim Dami’s roles since her debut in 2017:

1.) Kook Yeon Su in “Our Beloved Summer” (2021)
Kim Dami portrays Kook Yeon Su, the number one student in her school who had a realization 10 years later after finding out that her life is not how once she pictured it to be. She once starred in a school documentary with the school’s lowest ranked student, Choi Ung (portrayed by Choi Woo Shik), who later became her boyfriend then ex-boyfriend.

2.) Jo Yi Seo in “Itaewon Class” (2020)
Jo Yi Seo is a social media personality with sociopathic tendencies. She becomes the restaurant manager of Dan Bam, owned by Park Saeroyi (portrayed by Park Seo Joon).

Kim Dami bagged the Best New Actress award at the 2020 Baeksang Arts Award for her portrayal in “Itaewon Class.”

3.) Ja Yoon in “The Witch” (2018)
Raised as a murder weapon, Ja Yoon escaped a lab that trains humans to become weapons. She somewhat loses her memory and gets adopted by a family without knowing her real identity. Years later, the higher ups running the lab found out her whereabouts, which changes her life significantly.

She won the Best New Actress awards at for her role as Ja Yoon at the 2018 Blue Dragon Film Awards and the 2018 Daejong Film Awards.

4.) Yoo Min A in “Marionette” (2018)
Yoo Min A is a student who got deceived by a guy she’s with, hence, getting involved in a crime as the victim. The film is a mystery-crime-thriller genre mainly starring Lee Yoo Young, Kim Hee Won, Oh Ha Nee, and Lee Hak Joo.

5.) Assistant Administrator in “Romans 8:37” (2017)
Kim Dami’s debut project where she portryaed the role of assistant administrator 4. The film premiered at the 2017 Busan International Film Festival.

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