QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “Now, We Are Breaking Up” Episodes 5 and 6 — Copycats, Moving On, And New Beginnings

Here’s what happened in the episodes 5 and 6 of Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong’s drama, “Now, We Are Breaking Up.”

1.) Did You Miss Me?
Yoon Jae Guk decided to still pursue tell Ha Young Eun, despite knowing about her past. Towards the end, he also decided to tell her that he was the photographer of the photograph Ha Young Eun treasured the most.

2.) Claire Marie
Tension rise between Claire Marie and SONO, as Claire Marie begins to use SONO’s resources. As SONO gets pushed back after the incident from last time.

3.) EXO’s Oh Sehun
EXO’s Sehun begins to show his charms as Hwang Chi Hyung, the president’s son and the youngest member of team SONO.

4.) The World Of The Married?
Jeon Mi Sook receives her diagnosis. Her husband, Kwak Soo Ho, is shown to be having a what seems to be like a secret relationship with co-worker Seo Min Kyung.

5.) Stealing Designs
SONO’s design gets leaked. Hwang Chi Hyung suspected Jung So Yong, but it was actually someone else.

6.) Meeting Her Father
Ha Young Eun’s father falls victim of fraud. Yoon Jae Guk becomes involved as he was able to take a video that served as evidence to show that Ha Young Eun’s dad was innocent. The two stayed in touch.

7.) Struggles
Kwak Soo Ho and Jeon Mi Sook’s marriage starts to fall apart. Soo Ho is still unaware of Mi Sook’s diagnosis, as he continues to meet Min Kyung behind her back.

8.) Professionals
Despite their initial clash, Ha Young Eun offered a job to Choi Hee Ja, despite knowing that she stole their designs. Although she won’t retract the lawsuit, Young Eun admitted that, professionally, she liked how Hee Ja work. Hence, decided to not cut ties as professionals in the industry.

9.) He’s Straight
Director Hwang Chi Sook thought that Vision PR CEO Seok Do Hoon preferred men over women. Do Hoon made it clear that he is a man, without prejudice to Chi Sook’s judgment.

10.) The Show
Ahn Sun Joo was the one who leaked the designs. Ahn Sun Joo wanted to transfer to Claire Marie, but did not receive an offer despite her doing their bidding. Ha Young Eun reprimanded her, and asked her to apologize with her results.

Chi Hyung then also proceeds to clear the misunderstanding with Jung So Yong.

Cliffhanger: The Phone Call
Jae Guk and Young Eun decided to give their relationship and feelings for each other a try. However, at the end of the episode, Yoon Soo Wan was seen to be calling and texting Ha Young Eun. The call is most likely made by Hills Department Store Director Shin Yoo Jung, who seems to have had feelings for Yoon Soo Wan before.

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