RUMOR DEBUNKED: Gong Yoo And Taylor Swift Did Not Have A Dinner Meeting In NYC; Agency Releases Statement

Gong Yoo’s agency released a statement regarding the rumor about the actor and Taylor Swift dining together in NYC for a business talk, rumored about portraying her leading man in the new MV of “Wildest Dreams.” The rumor started spreading through Deuxmoi.

Gong Yoo’s agency said that the actor is currently in Korea, and has not been in NYC for some time. Hence, proving the rumor as false.

Management Soop stated, “Gong Yoo is in Korea at the moment. He has not been in NYC for a while; his last visit to NYC was quite a long time ago. Our actor is busy preparing to promote Netflix’s series ‘The Silent Sea’ in Korea. The rumors are not true at all.” 

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