Here’s Where You Can Get Netflix-Themed Noche Buena Baskets For FREE!

Christmas is near, and Netflix has something special for everyone this holiday season! Get a chance to win one of these Noche Buena baskets, each theme is from Netflix’s hit series!

Themed baskets available are: The Gganbu Noche Buena Basket from “Squid Game” (November 25-26), The I Louvre Noche Buena Basket from “Emily In Paris” (November 27-28), The Bentesingko Noche Buena Basket from “Trese” (November 29-30), The Merry Christmas (As a Friend) Noche Buena Basket from “My Amanda” (December 1-2), The Bili Ciao Noche Buena Basket by “Money Heist” (December 3-4), and The Most Wanted Noche Buena Basket from “Red Notice” (December 5-6).

Here’s Judy Ann Santa (Santos) talking about the baskets.

You can sign up at for a chance to claim a basket, website is open until December 6 from 1:00PM to 6:00PM.

Images from: Netflix

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