WATCH: Sam Hammington And His Children, William And Bentley, Will Be Leaving “The Return Of Superman” + Their Last Episode And Goodbyes

Sam Hammington and his children, William And Bentley, will reportedly be leaving “The Return Of Superman.”

Sam wrote on Instagram, “Thank you for everything over the last five years. I can’t put it into words how I am feeling today but we have made some amazing memories. With every beginning there comes and end, as unfortunate as it is the time is right for us to move on. Due to you the fans we have been afforded some amazing memories.”

He then added, “Thank you. We hope that you will continue to support and love us in the future as well. Stay healthy, stay happy and we love you!”

“The Return Of Superman” staff also confirmed, “It is true that they filmed their last recording today. We haven’t yet decided on the broadcast date of their last episode.”

The boys filmed their last episode and their goodbyes.

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