Your New K-pop Destination ENHYPEN Returns With 1st Studio Album [DIMENSION : DILEMMA]

ENHYPEN began their journey as a “global fan-made group” after being selected by K-pop fans around the world through Mnet’s 2020 global artist development project I-LAND. In November of the same year, the septet made their highly anticipated debut with 1st Mini Album BORDER : DAY ONE, which recorded the highest album sales among groups to debut in 2020. They quickly moved on to take the “Rookie of The Year” title at four Korean award shows within two months of debut— proving their reputation as the breakout boyband to watch out for.

With the release of their 2nd Mini Album BORDER : CARNIVAL in April 2021, the one of a kind global rookies not only topped Japan’s Oricon Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Album Charts, but also peaked at No.18 on the Billboard 200 and Artist 100 Charts, respectively. In July 2021, their Japanese debut album BORDER : Hakanai also swept the Oricon Charts and received the ‘Gold Disc Platinum’ certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan. By achieving notable success in the major music markets of Korea, Japan, and the U.S., the septet solidified their position as the new destination for K-pop fans everywhere.

As ENHYPEN continue their upward streak album after album, all eyes are on the record-breaking Kpop prodigies to see what they will bring next with 1st Studio Album DIMENSION : DILEMMA.

1st Studio Album DIMENSION : DILEMMA

ENHYPEN’s previous ‘BORDER’ series unraveled the complex, yet sincere emotions which arose before and after crossing the border of debut. BORDER : DAY ONE captured the multilayered emotions the members experienced while discovering, connecting, and growing with one another at the cusp of their debut. BORDER : CARNIVAL took listeners past the border and into a magnificent post-debut world reminiscent of a carnival, where the boys were initially taken aback in awe of their new surroundings, but began putting their confusions aside to slowly immerse themselves at the center of it all.

As authentic rising storytellers, ENHYPEN continue to unfold their narrative in the new ‘DIMENSION’ series, in which the band realize that the new world they are connected to is another ‘dimension’ that turns out to be even more chaotic and contradictory than they had expected. After entering this multidimensional world where their values begin to collide, they recognize their desires for the first time and come face-to-face with an identity crisis—they’re determined to show their growth as artists, but also need to take time for themselves. They yearn for more attention from the audience, but simultaneously want to become free of it. As they come to realize that they themselves are changing while chasing these double-sided desires, they begin spiraling into greater chaos in an attempt to deny this unfamiliar change.

Hands tied in their new dilemma, the boys decide to do what they can for now—to run. Answers are unknown and the road ahead is unclear, but who knows what answers they will find on their journey? They could even connect with someone just like them. They’ll dash forward until they do.


Lead Single “Tamed-Dashed” 

Venturing into a complex world substantially more enigmatic than their previous ones, ENHYPEN are faced with a variety of new ‘desires.’ The lead single, “Tamed-Dashed,” depicts the vivid dilemma of the seven boys unable to decide which path to pursue between the paradoxical contradictions and conflict of these desires

The lyrics of “Tamed-Dashed” depict ENHYPEN resolutely trekking forth without stopping even in the face of these unprecedented dilemmas; confronted by “twisted and tangled, dimensions and the dilemma of choice,” they candidly confess their fear of taking a step to make a choice. Throughout the course of the track, the listener is taken into the heart of ENHYPEN’s deepest ruminations and musings as they finally come to the realization that since they “can’t know the answer right now,” their best course of action is to “just dash” and dive headfirst into the fire.

The accompanying music video visually portrays the septet’s journey as they navigate their way through this dilemma and exploration of self-identity. While utilizing a rugby game as the overall theme, the viewer is called to piece together a connection in the scene where the members’ past and present selves intersect as a rugby ball appears on screen. Set to the backdrop of an oceanic view, complete with the brightly shining sun and a gleaming blue sea, ENHYPEN show off their eye-catchingly powerful and sharp synchronized performance with their refreshing and youthful energy radiating throughout.

ENHYPEN’s previous lead single “Drunk-Dazed” from 2nd Mini Album BORDER : CARNIVAL drew praise and positive feedback from the media. Buzzfeed acknowledged the septet to “have solidified themselves as one of K-pop’s most innovative groups,” while HYPEBAE wrote that the album itself “exhibits even more experimentation and musical growth” compared to the band’s debut album. Rising as pioneers of a new genre of K-pop, ENHYPEN plan to once again invite listeners to their one of a kind universe and prove their musical potential with this album’s lead single “Tamed-Dashed.”

The Most Refreshing Performance of 2021

ENHYPEN show a never-before-seen side to them in DIMENSION : DILEMMA. A striking contrast from the charismatically sharp and intense concepts of their previous works, the septet emanates a refreshing and youthful vibe in this album that is palpable in their performance as well.

The album’s three visual concepts—ODYSSEUS, CHARYBDIS and SCYLLA—each respectively convey the members’ upheaval of youth, the ensuing chaos and inner turmoil, and the various new desires they are confronted with in this new world. ODYSSEUS captures the boys’ dynamic emotions as they laugh and cry while enjoying sports together in the late summer weather. CHARYBDIS depicts the simple moments of happiness in everyday life like time spent with friends, while SCYLLA illustrates the loneliness and emptiness that begins to settle in once the boys who have seemingly achieved everything in this new world feel as though nothing that they have obtained is truly and wholly theirs.

ENHYPEN, who have showcased perfectly synchronized performances for every stage, attains a new       level of upgraded sophistication for this album. The “Tamed-Dashed” choreography incorporates energetic movements reminiscent of rugby and American football plays: the performance opens with the seven members mimicking scrumming around a ball as if it were a real rugby game, and eventually brings in an actual rugby ball in the bridge of the track, amplifying the level of immersiveness as well as completing the youthful and sporty vibe.

Key details in the choreography such as the “fanning dance” where the members fan themselves in sync to the “Summer” lyrics and the “kickoff dance” similar to athletes ready to return the kick-off at a football game flow gracefully together to complete an irresistibly memorable performance.

Authentic Rising Storytellers Reflect on the Narratives of Their Peers

Through the tracklist in BORDER : CARNIVAL, ENHYPEN told not only their own story, but also the story of their peers, their contemporaries in this day and age. “FEVER” told the story of a boy resolutely waiting for that one special person to recognize him, while “Not For Sale” expressed their longing to find warmth in a desolate world where everything seems to come at a cost. In our current reality where the virtual world has become the new normal, many listeners were able to resonate with the story of a boy who suddenly gains online fame in “Mixed Up.”

ENHYPEN’s newest eight-track studio album, continues to capture the relatable story of this generation. A tracklist that covers real world topics, such as personal dilemmas and love is sure to touch the hearts of listeners.

ENHYPEN’s First Studio Album Produced by HYBE Labels’ Finest

HYBE Labels producers led by “hitman” bang and Wonderkid, who have been with ENHYPEN from the very beginning, once again participated in the production of the band’s latest discography. The tracklist that spans a wide spectrum of genres, including “Intro : Whiteout” and “Interlude : Question”, which opens and closes the album respectively, as well as lead single “Tamed-Dashed” and B-side track “Upper Side Dreamin”, meets ENHYPEN to create the ultimate synergy.

This album also includes a special collaboration with a member of the HYBE Labels family. B-side track “Blockbuster” features rapping by TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s YEONJUN, which is sure to command the attention and pique the interest of K-pop fans worldwide.

In addition, visual director Yeyoung Kim, currently a creative director at DAZED KOREA, also teamed up with versatile visual talents ENHYPEN for her very first styling project with a K-pop boyband. Kim, who began her career as a model in Milan before moving on to become a contributing fashion editor for Vogue Gioiello, Vogue Pelle, Vanity Fair Italy and ELLE UK, as well as contributing fashion stylist for Vogue Korea, gained notability through her work across multiple advertisements, brands, magazines, music video styling, etc. She participated in the overall styling of DIMENSION : DILEMMA to produce a visually captivating look tailored to accentuate ENHYPEN’s unique flair.

With the support of a loyal global fandom formed even prior to debut, ENHYPEN achieved the “half-million seller” title, entered Billboard’s main album chart, and topped Japan’s Oricon chart leaving their mark as record-breaking K-pop prodigies—all in less than a year into their debut.

The band has continued this momentum and further heightened industry and fan expectations with eye-catching quality content leading up to the release of their new album. Now, ENHYPEN, who have solidified their place as K-pop’s newest destination, are prepared to take center stage to wow audiences once again with DIMENSION : DILEMMA.


1.  Intro : Whiteout

“Intro : White Out” opens the door to ENHYPEN’s latest album as a continuation from “Outro : The Wormhole,” the grand finale to the band’s previous album. It expresses the emotions of all senses disappearing when faced with a multifaceted and hyperdimensional world past the wormhole. This

Breakbeat genre track is characterized by synth sounds, a groovy breakbeat, and the members’ simultaneous vocal accompaniment.

2.  Tamed-Dashed

Lead single “Tamed-Dashed” is a New Wave track that features a guitar and synth sound reminiscent of the 80’s. It calls into question a dilemma of choice: to be “tamed” by one’s desires, or to “dash” to find the answers to address one’s predicament. An intense garage bass sound and a powerful EDM-style synth bass makes the listener feel exhilarated as though they’re running in tempo with the track.

3.  Upper Side Dreamin’

“Upper Side Dreamin” is an Electro Funk track that combines old school vibes with contemporary musical elements. A boy, in admiration of the affluent “Upper Side” neighborhood, yearns to be a part of that world, but falls into a dilemma comparing his internal desires to his existing reality. Listeners will naturally find themselves grooving along to the catchy and nostalgic sound sources such as scratch sounds and vocal effects.

4.  Just A Little Bit

An acoustic easy listening track “Just A Little Bit” tells the story of a boy who meets a “you” who is different from anyone he has ever met before in a world that he thought was already perfect. The boy who once felt in control comes face-to-face with a “you” whom he encounters for the first time. He is caught off guard, but nevertheless, continues to fall for them and realizes that as unfamiliar as these emotions may be, he isn’t opposed to them. Compared to “10 Months” and “Not For Sale” from the band’s ‘BORDER’ series albums, which express the clumsy, yet innocent emotions of young love, “Just A Little Bit” captures the band’s emotional growth and maturity.

5.  Go Big or Go Home

An EDM track that combines Disco & Tech House genres, “Go Big or Go Home” candidly reflects the “go big or go home” mentality of today’s youth that is used to the extreme odds of 0 against 100. Viewing life in black and white, with an “all or nothing,” “success or failure” mindset, the boys express their baseless confidence that they’ll hit the jackpot.

6.  Blockbuster feat. YEONJUN of TOMORROW X TOGETHER

“Blockbuster” is a Hybrid Hip-Hop track combining Pop Rock and Rap sounds that reflects a boy’s desire to live life like a blockbuster movie star. As a song filled with confidence and bold determination to make the world revolve around oneself, the guitar distortion effects deliver a powerful energy. The track features rapping by fellow HYBE Labels artist, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s YEONJUN.

7. Attention, please!

“Attention, please!” is a 90’s Alternative Rock track that sings of a boy who is caught in the choice between love and popularity. The boy desperately wants to attract others’ attention and become the “cool kid,” but his crush dislikes him for his popularity. The dilemma the boy faces in having to choose between being liked by many, or gaining the heart of one—his crush—is expressed through electric guitar distortion, 808 bass, and an intense drum backing.

8.  Interlude : Question

“Interlude : Question” concludes ENHYPEN’s 1st Studio Album DIMENSION : DILEMMA. The Big Beat-based Jazz & Soul track features vintage string and brass sounds fused with a future-based bass progression. “What should I do?”, “Who am I?”—the questions the boys ask themselves to come to terms with their changing identity in a complicated world suggest a link and foreshadow the themes of their next album. HEESEUNG, JAY and JAKE participated in the narration.

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