LIST: 4 Calming  Asian Romance Series You Can Watch On iQIYI

Adorable love story of Kim Go-Eun and Ahn Bo-Hyun in Yumi’s Cells, Jasper Liu’s innovative online dating story in Fall in Love with a Scientist, Allen Ren falling in love after marriage in Forever and Ever and Meng-Po Fu’s emotional confession in Rainless Love in a Godless Land.

Astrology believers think the Mercury retrograde phenomenon can bring stress and lethargy. To counter any negativity from 2021’s final Mercury retrograde, iQiyi has just the right romance series to heal our souls. Yumi’s Cells brings to life Kim Go-Eun’s brain cells when she dates Ahn Bo-Hyun. Jasper Liu stars in an online dating story in Fall In Love With A Scientist. In Forever and Ever, the warm Allen Ren showers his partner with love, while in Rainless Love in a Godless Land, Meng-Po Fu makes an epic confession. Viewers can catch these romance dramas on iQiyi International App or

1.     Healing with Cuteness: Yumi’s Cells

When feeling under the weather, romantic comedies can serve as an emotional outlet. In Yumi’s Cells, Kim Go-eun’s cute little brain cells constantly express her feelings, and brings to life in very relatable ways, her internal struggle when falling in love. In just four episodes, Kim Go-Eun and Ahn Bo-Hyun have confessed their feelings for each other and even shared a kiss with the help of their cells. Despite initially disliking the idea of matchmaking, Ahn Bo-Hyun fell in love with Kim Go-Eun at first sight. He finally manages to touch her heart when he shows his gentle side by carrying a feverish Kim Go-Eun to the hospital. 

2.     Healing through Online Connection: Fall In Love With A Scientist

Starring Jasper Liu and Zhou Yutong, Fall In Love With A Scientist combines online and campus romance. When final year university student Bai Ling Ling is unable to graduate due to Ph.D student Yang Lan Hang’s interference, the two turn into foes. What they fail to realise is that they have been online friends since high school and have a crush on each other. Their online dating model represents a new type of relationship where the virtual space brings a couple closer. Jasper Liu ultimately wins Zhou Yutong’s heart with his candlelight dinner and balloons to confess. 

3.     Healing by Warmth: Forever and Ever

The second collaboration between Allen Ren and Bai Lu since tragic love drama One and OnlyForever and Ever brings a warm, fuzzy feeling to viewers. The series tells the tale of voice actress Shi Yi chasing after Zhou Sheng Chen, a chemistry professor, after a fateful meeting at the airport. Despite being the stereotypical, inarticulate STEM person without any prior dating experience, Zhou Sheng Chen spoils Shi Yi by his sweet acts of blowing dry her hair, cooking for her and taking note of her needs and wants. Their shy-yet-sweet relationship warms the  hearts of viewers around the world. 

4.     Healing with a Guardian: Rainless Love in a Godless Land

Not-to-be missed is the apocalyptic fantasy love story Rainless Love in a Godless Land, where the rain deity guards and protects the female lead. Chiao-Chiao Tseng and Meng-Po Fu’s first collaboration chronicles the love story between a human and a deity, with countless heart-wrenching rain scenes. Meng-Po Fu’s iconic confession, “I don’t care about what the world turns into, because between the world and you, I choose you,” leaves viewers yearning for a devoted lover like the rain deity he plays. 

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