FOOD LIST: The Names Of The Players’ Food And Meals In Netflix’s “Squid Game”

The players had small meals and snacks throughout the show. Here are the meals they had in “Squid Game.”

1.) Simple Bento Box

Their bento boxes consisted of sunny-side up egg, plus kimchi and a small portion of vegetables as their banchan (side dish).

2.) Soboro Bread

Although not confirmed, the bread in “Squid Game” looks a lot like Korea’s Soboro-Ppang (or Korean Peanut Streusel Bread). It is a popular sweet bun in Korea topped with streusel. Streusel are crumbs made of flour, butter, and sugar. This snack was paired with milk.

3.) Egg and Cider

In one part of the game, the players were only given cider and egg. A famous cider brand is called Chilsung Cider, while their boiled egg is the organic eggs mostly food in Jjimjilbang (public bathhouses).

4.) Honeycomb (also known as Dalgona Candy)

Dalgona Candy is a spongy sugary candy snack made with sugar, corn syrup, and baking soda. It’s a classic street food snack designed with different types of shapes.

5.) T-Steak

The end game meal’s main course is a T-Steak. It is a “beef cut from the short loin.” There are some Samgyupsal restaurants that offers barbequed T-Steaks.

BONUS: Seong Gi Hun’s Meals

6.) Tteokbokki

Gi Hun’s treat for his daughter’s birthday was the crowd-favorite snack Tteokbokki, also known as Spicy Rice Cakes.

7.) Samyang Original Ramen

The ramen 001 and 457 shared is the Samyang Original Ramen, a ramen pack available since 1963.

8.) Godeungeo Gui

Gi Hun’s meal with his mother is the Godeungeo Gui, it is basically a grilled mackerel dish.

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