ACTOR’S ROLES LIST: 8 Korean Dramas Featuring Wi Ha Joon, (who played Netflix’s “Squid Game” police officer Hwang Jun Ho)

If Hwang Jun Ho, the police officer in “Squid Game”, looks familiar that’s because he’s actor Wi Ha Joon and has starred in these Korean dramas.

1.) “Squid Game” as Hwang Jun Ho
Hwang Jun Ho is a police officer who started to investigate the people behind “Squid Game”, in an attempt to find his brother, Hwang In Ho.

Official character poster via Netflix

2.) “Something In The Rain” as Yoon Seung Ho
In the drama, he plays Yoon Seung Ho, the younger brother of Yoon Ji Ah (portrayed by Son Ye Jin) and the friend of Seo Joon Hee (portrayed by Jung Hae In).

Something In The Rain still cut

3.) “18 Again” as Ye Ji Hoon

Ye Ji Hoon is a star baseball player who falls for announcer Jung Da Jung (portrayed by Kim Ha Neul).

18 Again still cut

4.) “Romance Is A Bonus Book” as Ji Seo Jun

Ji Seo Joon is a freelance and well-known book designer who has feeling for the female lead, Kang Dan-i.

Romance Is A Bonus Book screenshot

5.) “My Golden Life” as Ryu Jae Shin

He plays the former driver of Choi Seo Hyun’s (portrayed by Lee Da In) family.

6.) “Matrimonial Chaos” as Im Shi Ho

Im Shi Ho’s a musician whose hit song was a song by Seok Moo (portrayed by Cha Tae Hyun), when the latter left his lyric book with him. Although he felt bad for achieving success with Seok Moo’s song, Seok Moo told him that he once performed the same song but didn’t get as much recognition and that he doesn’t care about it anymore.

Matrimonial Chaos still cut

7.) “Goodbye Mr. Black” as Ha Joon

The series is Wi Ha Joon’s debut drama, which premiered back in 2016.

UPCOMING: “Bad And Crazy” as K

Wi Ha Joon is set to star as K in “Bad And Crazy,” alongside “Tale Of The Nine Tailed” actor Lee Dong Wook.

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