BINGE-WATCH LIST: 9 Asian Survival Game Series To Watch After “Squid Game”

“Squid Game” is a survival game with 456 participants trying to win the 45.6 billion won cash prize, even with their lives at stake. If thrilling survival games just like Netflix’s “Squid Game” are your thing, here are 9 Asian dramas you can add to your binge-watch list.

1-2.) “Liar Game” 1 and 2

Honest college student Kanzaki Nao gets invited to be part of the “Liar Game,” in which players will trick each other to win 100 million dollars. She then meets expert swindler Akiyama Shinichi, and eventually teams up with him.

3.) “Battle Royale”

9th-grade students from a Japanese high school were chosen to compete as players in a “Battle Royale.” Forcibly taken to an abandoned island, the students are given weapons to target each other for three days. Who will survive?

4.) “Alice In Borderland”

Japanese action-thriller “Alice In Borderland” is about a guy named Alice, who finds himself competing in a survival game with his two friends after everyone in Shibuya disappeared. In order to live, he and the rest of the players had to complete a series of brutal, physically exhausting, or some mind games in what a appears to be a dystopian version of Tokyo.

5.) “As The Gods Will”

Ordinary high school student Shun Takahata suddenly becomes part of a survival game—involving a possible higher being—after complaining how boring his life is. Death awaits players who lose.

6.) “The Sacrifice Dilemma – Above”

Students find ways to survive after a voiceover announced that all of them only have an hour to live, unless they find a sacrifice.

7.) “The Werewolf Game: Death Game’s Operator”

Recruited and kidnapped people are taken to be part of the “Werewolf Game,” where players risk their lives while the wealthy place their bets on who will win and who will lose. Problems arise when operator Masamune finds out that a female student named Yuzuki Natsume, who he once tutored, is one of the players. He then attempts to save her.

8.) “No Foul Game”

Eight writers are kidnapped and forced to play a life and death game in a warehouse. An intern detective named Gu Dai then finds out about the game, but, while investigating, the clues to who started the whole thing all led to him.

9.) “Mirai Nikki”

The live-action adaptation of the anime “Mirai Nikki” is about 12 people who got hold of a notebook called “future diary,” which helped them predict upcoming events. The people who obtained the diary now must play a game in which they have to kill other diary holders to save their own lives. Who will win, or will someone stop the cycle?

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Which drama will you binge-watch first?

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