BTOB Presents Their Artistic Transformation With BTOB Special Album [4U : OUTSIDE]

BTOB, who presented performances of various genres on Mnet <KINGDOM : LEGENDARY WAR> and exceeded their boundaries, is kicking off their active promotions with Special Album [4U : OUTSIDE]. With [4U : OUTSIDE] being a special album released by ‘BTOB’, their artistic transformation in the album was made possible with the musical depth and capacity they have.

The title track ‘Outsider’ is a Neo Funk/Neo Soul track which once again engraves the endless musical spectrum of BTOB to the public. While they have been delivering heartwarming comfort and love to many people through their songs until now, this time they are conveying a message encouraging people to overcome troubles and concerns in real life through the title track ‘Outsider’, evoking empathy from those who are fatigued by their daily lives. The addictive melody which is easy to sing along to and lyrics that relieve people’s stress from the repetitive cycle of life capture everyone’s ears.

Moreover, the members’ exceptional visuals stand out in this album. Black and white teaser images from the ‘Silent’ version radiate nonchalant yet chic, intense and sensual ‘mature sexiness’, whereas color images from the ‘Awake’ version give off a natural and relaxed mood. The omnibus-style music video that highlights each member’s individual plot also exhibits a film-like magnificent atmosphere.

BTOB is back with even bolder, candid expressions. Breaking out of the daily pattern and walking my own path, that is the ‘Outsider’ they pursue. Through [4U : OUTSIDE], we hope you will be reborn as a true ‘Outsider’ by looking back on ‘myself’ whom the exhausting life made you forget about.

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