Singapore’s Best TV Actor Christopher Lee Back in Action After Almost 20 Years in iQIYI’s original Taiwanese drama “Danger Zone”

iQIYI’s first prison-themed Chinese language series “Danger Zone”,  stars Vic Chou, Sandrine Pinna, Wu Hsing-kuo, Christopher Lee, Berant Zhu, Tseng Chin-hua, and Teresa Daley. It will be the first drama to be formatted into chapters. The entire drama is 24 episodes which will be split into two chapters, “In the Dark Night” and “The Silver Lining”.

Mind-bending plots are stacked in two chapters, showing us the shift between darkness and light. iQiyi released its official poster for the chapter, “In the Dark Night”. The three male leads, Vic Chou, Christopher Lee, and Berant Zhu, are seen standing on a bloody beach and behind them is a police bus that is flipped over. It reveals that these three men with vastly different personalities and identities are destined to become a team in the face of a dark mystery and danger.

“The Silver Lining” chapter starts from Episode 13 which will be a continuation of the mystery from the first chapter. It will depict the dark personalities hidden within the light and the process of how the characters discover the truth despite everything going against them.

Along with the poster release, “Danger Zone” also released its newest trailer today. After close to 20 years, Singapore’s Best TV Actor Christopher Lee plays a police officer once again.  To play his wild and unrestrained character, Captain Tan in the drama, he tries pulling off a shoulder-length hairstyle and a mustache for the first time, showing the audience a sloppy look that is rarely seen on him. The charm he has when he is focused on investigating cases in the drama emits the pheromones of a mature man, inside and out. Regarding his decadent look, paired with his 40cm long hair that he hasn’t cut for a year, Christopher Lee expressed that his wife, the famous actress Fann Wong, is already used to him changing his looks for his dramas. He laughed, “But my son prefers his dad without a beard because that way, his face won’t get pricked.”

In “Danger Zone”, Christopher Lee also shows off his award-winning acting skills, switching into different modes as he chases after criminals and investigates cases. His natural grandeur has people in fear at just one glance. Christopher Lee describes his character and expresses, “One minute I’m a lion and the next minute, I’m pretending to be crazy. It’s like I’m a mad dog who bites at the sight of something wrong.” In the trailer, he even swears and yells, “****!” at the newbie police officer, Ren Fei, played by Berant Zhu. Christopher reveals that he swears a lot in the drama and often rages. When asked about the differences between his own personality in real life and the character of Captain Tan, he states that both he and Captain Tan look serious, but they actually love to joke. Regarding the two’s biggest differences, Christopher laughed, saying, “In real life, I don’t swear. Swearing is not good!”

iQIYI’s first prison-themed Chinese language series “Danger Zone” will start streaming on September 3rd every Friday, exclusively on iQIYI in 191 countries all around the world.

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  1. Do you know where I can get the book “Pursuer” that this show is based on? I can’t find it anywhere. Qianyu Zicheng

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