EPISODE RECAP + ENDING REVIEW: “Nevertheless” Episode 10 (Finale) — Why The Ending Is Actually Similar To The Webtoon

Here’s what happened in the last episode of “Nevertheless” — from who ended up with Nabi, the end game couples, other conflicts, and why the ending is actually similar to the Webtoon.

Screenshot: Netflix – “Nevertheless” Episode 10

1.) Regrets
Nabi questioned Jae Eon’s intent when he told her that he saw Do Hyeok the day he went inside her house to claim his things. Nabi didn’t want to “disappoint” Do Hyeok, but Jae Eon clearly told her that, either way, they did have that kind of relationship before. He asked her if she regrets it, to which she answered, “yes.”

Screenshots: Netflix – “Nevertheless” Episode 10

Both Nabi and Jae Eon were shown to be visibly hurt from the encounter.

Screenshots: Netflix – “Nevertheless” Episode 10

2.) Redo
Nabi had a breakdown, due to a ceiling fan falling and eventually ruining Nabi’s work. Jae Eon went to see her and told her that he will help her fix her work, then stay away from her for good after.

Screenshots: Netflix – “Nevertheless” Episode 10
Screenshots: Netflix – “Nevertheless” Episode 10

3.) Side Romance
Bit Na and Gyu Hyun, plus Sol and Ji Hwan ended up together. Even the two sunbaes in the series are hinted to be starting a budding romance.

Screenshots: Netflix – “Nevertheless” Episode 10

4.) Rejecting Do Hyeok
With the help of her assistants, Nabi was able to finish her work in time for the exhibit. Do Hyeok went to see her, but also admitted that he knows that Nabi likes Jae Eon. Nabi knows that Jae Eon won’t make her happy, and also told Do Hyeok that she was actually happy during their time together.

Despite getting rejected, Do Hyeok thanked Nabi for letting her feel the emotions he felt while liking her.

Screenshots: Netflix – “Nevertheless” Episode 10

5.) Love At First Sight
Although Jae Eon already mentioned this in the previous episode, in the final episode viewers got to see the actual scene where Jae Eon saw Nabi at an art exhibit — the place where Nabi’s toxic ex-boyfriend was shown — and was said to have fallen in love with at first sight.

Screenshots: Netflix – “Nevertheless” Episode 10

6.) Nabi Choose Jae Eon In The End
Despite knowing the possible consequences, Nabi and Jae Eon decided to continue their relationship in the end.

Screenshots: Netflix – “Nevertheless” Episode 10

Episode 10 did have a lot of metaphors showcasing Nabi and Jae Eon’s relationship. The way Jae Eon decided to set his butterflies free, may imply how he finally decided to let Nabi go. But it might not be the literal meaning of letting go, it could just be how he (maybe) doesn’t plan to cage her with his ideals. While Nabi’s broken piece could be suggesting how messed up and broken their relationship before is, and only the two of them can “fix” things. Still, no matter how they fix it, the pieces are still somewhat broken — an imperfect art.

Screenshots: Netflix – “Nevertheless” Episode 10

The metaphors were beautifully done, if we’re only talking about the way these were executed in the series. But I still stand by my initial reaction — Nabi and Jae Eon should have gone their separate ways at first and healed their traumas before deciding their next step. They needed to grow and understand themselves first, before pursuing a relationship.

Still, with this said, the ending actually has a very similar message from the Webtoon’s ending — although done differently.

In the Webtoon, Nabi decided to part ways with Jae Eon and ended up somehow “seeing” Do Hyeok while trying to “heal.” However, towards the end, Nabi overheard Jae Eon talking about how butterflies — even when freed — are never truly free. They travel around the same area, never really getting far. This could be a jab at how a traumatic or toxic relationship somewhat ties a person, making the person repeat the same mistake again — and that’s exactly what Nabi kept trying to get across in the final episode of “Nevertheless.” She knew Jae Eon won’t make her happy in the long run, but she wanted the happiness she feels when she’s with him in the present. She knows that he will cause her pain, but, nevertheless, they still decided to meet each other again. The butterfly metaphor truly fits Nabi, as oftentimes she tries to break free from Jae Eon, only to find herself back with him again.

I still think that it would have been better she didn’t end up with anyone, and if she could have healed before entering any kind of relationship. But the ending of the drama basically just shows the angsty ending of the Webtoon — Nabi circling around a never-ending cycle. People may interpret that as happy, sad, realistic, or unrealistic, I, however, just see a psychological response and how it pretty much shows that Nabi actually really needs, well, healing.

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