UPDATE: iKON’s Bobby Is Now A Dad Of A Baby Boy

UPDATE: According to reports via Korean media outlets, iKON’s Bobby’s now-fiancée recently gave birth to their child. YG Entertainment confirmed the news, he is now a father of a baby boy.

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iKON’s Bobby posted a handwritten letter stating that he is set to marry, and will become a father this September.

He wrote (rough translations), “

Hello, I’m iKON’s Bobby. I have a story I want to tell you today, so I am writing this after much deliberation.

I promise to marry the person I love. And in September I will become a father again. I’m happy to have a new family, but I’m even more sorry to the fans who may be embarrassed by my sudden news. I should have informed you sooner, but because of this, I’m sorry for the delay because I was worried about it.

To those who have always helped and supported me with all my heart, I feel a heavy responsibility because I feel like I have to put a heavy burden on my heart.

I apologize with all my heart to those who have been offended or greatly confused by my story.

You made me the person the world needs. I will become a person who is not ashamed of iKON members, fans, and parents. Above all, make sure that the fans and members who are waiting for iKON’s activities don’t become anyone. We will do our best to do our best.”

Congratulations, Bobby! ✨

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