ACTRESS TRIVIA: 12 Thing About Park Gyu Young

Park Gyu Young gained recognition through her roles in “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay,” “Sweet Home,” and “Romance Is A Bonus Book.” She also recently starred in “The Devil Judge,” and will star in her first lead role via the upcoming drama “Dal-Ri And Gamjatang” with “Do You Like Brahms?” actor Kim Min Jae.

Here are 12 things you might want to know about her.

1.) Born in 1993, she’s turning 28 this July 27.

2.) She was nominated at the 2021 Baeksang Arts Awards for the Best New Actress category for her role in “Sweet Home.”

3.) The actress stands at 5’6ft.

4.) She studied in one of the top universities in Korea, Yonsei University.

5.) Park Gyu Young was managed by JYP Entertainment starting 2015; she left the agency in 2019 and joined Saram Entertainment which also houses SNSD’s Choi Sooyoung.

6.) She was raised in Busan.

7.)In an interview, the actress praised her “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” co-star Kim Soo Hyun’s acting skills, energy, and personality.

8.) She would like to work with Oh Jung Se again, if the opportunity arises.

9.) She started doing more action scenes in “The Devil Judge,” compared to “Sweet Home” despite the latter’s apocalyptical nature. This is due to her role as a detective in “The Devil Judge.”

10.) She does Pilates for her exercise routine.

11.) She learned how to play the bass guitar for her role in “Sweet Home,” but it seems like she can actually play an acoustic guitar, too!

12.) She’s a fan of American films.

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