QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “Nevertheless” Episode 8 — Girl Love, A New Guy, Confessions, And Nabi’s Decisions

Here’s what happened in the 8th episode of “Nevertheless,” from Do Hyeok and Sol’s confessions to a new guy entering Bit Na’s life, and Nabi’s decisions.

1.) Do Hyeok’s Confession
Do Hyeok finally confessed to Nabi. However, Nabi rejected him. Still, Do Hyeok thought it over and decided to not give up on Nabi. During his visit in Seoul, he prepared a bento box for Nabi and asked her whether she already found an assistant for the making of her art piece. Nabi said that she’s already working with two juniors — without mentioning Jae Eon’s name — and felt like she was “cheating” for not telling Do Hyeok the truth.

2.) Do Hyeok VS Jae Eon
Do Hyeok seems to think that Jae Eon is Nabi’s ex-boyfriend. He also questioned his feelings for her.

3.) Bit Na And Kyu Hyun (And A New Guy?)
Bit Na and Kyu Hyun’s relationship are starting to fall apart. A new character, however, appears in Bit Na’s life.

4.) Sol And Ji Wan
After Ji Wan’s drunken confession, Sol starts to avoid Ji Wan in an attempt to not get her hopes up. Ji Wan pretends to have forgotten what happened during their MT. However, as Sol avoids her even more, Ji Wan decided to confess. Sol eventually also confessed her feelings, but Ji Wan is still confused.

5.) Butterflies All Over Again?
Jae Eon becomes the “model” for Nabi’s class. After a while, Jae Eon took Nabi to an exhibit. The place was where Nabi and her ex-boyfriend broke up. Jae Eon mentioned that he met Nabi that day and fell in love first sight. The episodes ends with Jae Eon asking Nabi if she wants to see butterflies again.

“Nevertheless” can be streamed via Netflix.

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