Download the Quento App and Get News and Video Just For You – Is Now Available On Quento!

Summit Technologies has launched Quento, a mobile app that curates content that’s specific to every user. is now part of Quento

Powered by AI, Quento pushes content based on the needs and interests of digital-savvy, hyperconnected Filipinos all in one place. Get updates from every Summit Media brand, including Candy, Cosmopolitan Philippines, Esquire Philippines, Female Network,, Preview, Real Living, Reportr, Smart Parenting,,, Top Bikes, Top Gear Philippines, and Yummy.

“Our goal has always been to deliver the exact content the Filipino audience needs exactly when they need it,” said Summit Media Chief Executive Advisor Ashish Thomas.

“Quento was made to curate news, videos, and other media for you so you don’t have to sift through thousands of other stories to get to the stories that will inspire, help, and inform you,” he said.

No other app has what Quento gives: a rich pool of sources and publishers geared towards the Filipino market. With Quento, you don’t have to open multiple browsers to access your favorite websites. You can find them all in the app.

To try out Quento, go to and download the app for iOS or Android. Once installed, sign up and choose the categories and publishers that you want to see in your feed. Daily Stories are there for you if you never want to miss a headline ever again. You can also click the bookmark button to save your favorite articles.

To learn more about Quento, go to

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