QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “Nevertheless” Episode 7 — Breakups, Temptations, And More Confessions

Here’s what happened in the 7th episode of “Nevertheless,” from Nabi’s “karupukan” (rough translation: easily tempted) and more confessions from the drama’s side characters.

1.) Breakup?
While waiting for their classmates, Kyu Hyun confronted Bit Na if they already broke up, to which Bit Na replied that they didn’t. When Sol, Sehun, and Ji Hwan arrived — with the latter being a bit late — the five prepared to go their destination. Sehun, however, thought that he felt a bit lonely seeing Kyu Hyun, Bit Na, Sol, and Ji Hwan together — as they all have partners.

2.) Love Triangle
When Jae Eon found out that Nabi will be at the MT, he quickly drove to the location only to find Nabi and Do Hyeok biking together. He followed them to the guesthouse, Do Hyeok and Jae Eon then introduced themselves to each other.

3.) Housemates
Min Young and Gyeong Jun are still currently living together. When Gyeong Jun heard that Min Young is looking for a new place, he offered to accompany her. However, at the sa site, Gyeong Jun rejected the house Min Young’s real estate found and told her to just live with him. Later on, Gyeong Jun’s mom found out about them living together.

4.) Amusement Park
Do Hyeok won a plushie for Nabi, but Ji Hwan wanted it so they gave it to her instead. During their tour, Nabi’s classmates kept asking Do Hyeok to take photos of them. One instance was during the Ferris While ride where Do Hyeok got separated from Nabi as Bit Na and the others wanted him to take their photos. Nabi and Jae Eon then had to ride the Ferris Wheel — just the two of them. Jae Eon tried to talk to Nabi, but Nabi kept rejecting him.

5.) Do Yeon
Do Yeon suddenly showed interest in Jae Eon and even started to drink with him.

6.) Drinking Game
Nabi started to look a bit jealous of Do Yeon, but Do Hyeok was also worried about how Nabi is acting. On the other hand, drunk Ji Hwan confessed to Sol, while Kyu Hyun tried to breakup with Bit Na.

8.) Temptation
Nabi, who decided to not go to the beach, was left at the guesthouse with Jae Eon. In the end, Nabi wasn’t able to resist Jae Eon. The scene ended with Do Hyeok calling Nabi, while the two were kissing.

“Nevertheless” is available via Netflix.

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