“Nevertheless” Actor Kim Min Gwi Releases Apology Letter After Cheating Controversy

“Nevertheless” actor Kim Min Gwi released an apology letter after being accused of cheating, reports say. His appearance will also be reportedly reduced, with some scenes being edited out.
The actor plays the role of Kyu Hyun, the character has a love line with Oh Bit Na (portrayed by Yang Hye Ji).

In his apology letter, he wrote, “I apologize for having recently caused a scandal with my personal life. After reading what that person had written, I thought about how I acted in the past. I clearly recognized my wrongdoings and sent her my regrets and apologies. Regardless of the reason, I did wrong in hurting someone who had shared so much with me for a significant period of time. I hope that that person does not suffer any damage from this going forward. Once again, I express my sincere apologies to her,” as translated by Soompi.

The actor also added, “I would also like to apologize to my seniors and colleagues who were cheering me on. In the future, I will work hard to be more mature in my personal life so that I can be honorable and accountable to myself.”

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