QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “Nevertheless” Episode 6 — First Love, Jealousy, And Commitment Issues

Here’s what happened in the 6th episode of “Nevertheless,” from Nabi and Do Hyeok’s vacation to Jae Eon and Do Hyeok finally crossing paths.

1.) Close, But Not Too Close
Jae Eon and Nabi started talking again, but the two drew the line between them.

2.) Nabi Disappeared
Jae Eon becomes unable to contact Nabi after Seol A told them they were dating. Seol A also started to tie her hair up after Nabi told her that Jae Eon liked it that way.

3.) Housemates
Gyeong Jun and Min Young started living together as housemates — no romantic feelings involved, yet. Gyeong Jun started to playfully tease Min Young more.

4.) Oh Bit Na’s Commitment Issues
Kyu Hyun wanted to tell their friends about their relationship, but Bit Na wanted to keep it a secret as she didn’t feel comfortable with people talking about them.

Kyu Hyun also saw a random number call Bit Na. When he asked who it was, she shrugged off the question. Kyu Hyun then told her that she still hasn’t changed, and is probably still meeting other guys. Bit Na then retaliated by telling him to stop trying to change her and eventually stormed off after a heated discussion.

5.) Do Hyeok’s First Love
Jae Eon couldn’t contact Nabi as she turned off her phone. Nabi was actually visiting her aunt’s place, and Do Hyeok was also in the area. The two visited the beach, during their stay Do Hyeok admitted that Nabi was his first love. They then spent a night together — Nabi’s inside the van with Do Hyeok respectfully putting a blanket over her while he proceeds to sleep outside.

6.) Do You Want To See The Butterflies?
Jae Eon started to miss Nabi. He remembers her while going to places they’ve been before, including the place where they first met. He, however, meets another woman there.

7.) Love Triangle
Seol A admitted that she lied to Nabi about dating Jae Eon. Jae Eon decided to meet up with Nabi, only to find her and Do Hyeok together at the guest house where their MT is supposed to happen.

“Nevertheless” is available via Netflix.

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