The Resurrection Plant In “Kingdom” Sort Of “Exists” And It Can Kind Of Bring Its Self “Back To Life”

Well, sort of. According to, the flower called Ramonda Myconi (Pyrenean Violet) not only looks similar to the resurrection plant in Netflix’s “Kingdom” series, but it can also “look completely dead and decayed, only to come back to life and restart photosynthesis after some drops of water are added.”

The said plant is also an “extreme survivor” and can “live for 250 years while withstanding dehydration and freezing.”

Air Space wrote, “Some resurrection plants can lose 95 percent of their water content, then after rewatering be fully photosynthetically active within 24 hours. Interestingly, it happens with very little or no tissue damage. And the period of near death can last for quite a long time—the species Craterostigma can go without water for at least two years.”

Although, of course, the said plant can’t exactly bring people back to life. However, it is fascinating to see the plant’s tenacity to live long, and somehow get “resurrected.”

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