After “Kingdom: Ashin of The North,” Netflix Will Release Another Sequel, “Kingdom: The Crown Prince”

After “Kingdom: Ashin Of The North” starring Jun Ji Hyun, another sequel of the”Kingdom” series will air on Netflix, titled “Kingdom: The Crown Prince,” the upcoming sequel will star main lead Ju Ji Hoon.

The poster used is from Kingdom: Season 1. The series still doesn’t have a release date.

“Kingdom” is a zombie series set in the Joseon era, the first two seasons focused on the zombie apocalypse and how the people of Joseon fought for survival while trying to uncover the reason behind the outbreak. “Kingdom: Ashin Of The North” centers around Ashin and the discovery of the plant that brings the dead back to life. The upcoming second sequel, “Kingdom: The Crown Prince,” will most likely be focusing on Ju Ji Hoon’s character, Lee Chang.

UPDATE: As of today, July 24, Netflix responded that nothing has been decided yet.

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