BINGE-WATCH LIST: 10 College-Centered Korean Dramas To Stream

When the genre is a “school drama,” Korean drama viewers would sometimes instantly co-relate this to Korean high school series. But there are actually a lot of good college-centered Korean dramas. And, unlike its high school counterpart which mostly consists of hard-hitting themes such as bullying, college-themed dramas are more of coming-of-age series — where those in their early 20’s transition to adulthood in our seemingly harsh yet hopeful society. The leads are also tougher and, most often, know what they want.

Here are 10 college-themed drama you might want to start watching.

1.) “My Roommate Is A Gumiho”

History major Lee Dam’s life changes when she accidentally swallowed a Gumiho’s marble. Now, she needs to live with him until they find a way to get it out of her belly.

2.) “Nevertheless”

Art students Yoo Nabi and Park Jae Eon have a “friends with benefits” type of relationship. But what happens if one of them wants to have a serious relationship?

3.) “From A Distance Spring Is Green”

Business majors Yeo Jun, Kim So Bin, and Nam Soo Hyun are from different years and all have different personalities, but fate seems to have tied them together. The trio learns to become better people as they try to understand their differences.

4.) “Cheese In The Trap”

Hardworking scholar Hong Seol doesn’t seem to get her senior Yoo Jung’s personality. Yoo Jung is good-looking and popular, but seems to have a dark side, which bothers Hong Seol.

5.) “Go Back Couple”

The souls of a young married couple — who is about to get a divorce — travelled back to their college years. The two tries to decide whether to finally use this chance change their destinies, or to try and understand their choices during their younger years.

6.) “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty”

Kang Mi Rae has always been insecure about her looks. Due to this, she decided to have a complete transformation by undergoing extreme plastic surgery procedures before entering college. But what happens if her former classmate, Do Kyung Seok, recognizes her?

7.) “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”

Female university-level weightlifter, Kim Bok Joo, finds her self in a slump. While their school’s star swimmer Jung Joon Young seems to have a hard time diving during the start of his competition. The two, who are actually childhood friends, meet and unknowingly learned to heal each other’s souls.

8.) “When My Love Blooms”

The drama provides flashbacks of the successful Han Jae Yoon and struggling Yoon Ji Soo’s vastly different lives during their college years.

9.) “Reply 1994”

As part of the “Reply” trilogy, “Reply 1994” zooms in the lives of university students and the events that happened in Korea back in 1994.

10.) “Heartstrings”

A love story between a traditional music major named Kyu Won and guitarist Shin, who is part of the applied music department.

Which drama will you binge-watch first?

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