QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “The Penthouse 3” Episode 7 — Logan Lee’s Condition, SeokRona’s Breakup Reason, And Shim Su Ryeon’s Revenge (UPDATED!)

*major spoiler warning*
Here’s what happened in the 7th episode of “The Penthouse 3,” from an update about Logan Lee’s condition, the real reason behind Seok Hoon and Bae Rona’s possible “breakup,” and the result of Shim Su Ryeon’s “investigation.”

1.) Stopping Joo Dan Tae’s Plans
Shim Su Ryeon and Kang Mari teamed up to stop Joo Dan Tae’s plan regarding the Cheonsoo District by gathering those he bribed.

2.) Cheon Seo Jin’s Plans
Cheon Seo Jin threatens Ha Yoon Chul (who doesn’t know who she is) by using their daughter to stop her former husband from telling Shim Su Ryeon that Logan Lee is alive. She also plans to let Eun Byeol audition for Clark, a man who is known the world of classical music.

3.) Seok Kyung Goes To Italy?
Seok Kyung tells Seok Hoon that she’s going to study in Italy. Seok Hoon gets mad at his sister for not telling him and their mom earlier. He, however, decides to just somewhat disown her and let her do what she wants.

4.) Joo Dan Tae And Cheon Seo Jin
Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin join hands for the former’s plans for Cheonsoo District. Cheon Seo Jin, however, does have her hesitations.

5.) The Audition
Cheon Seo Jin thought that it was Eun Byeol who was singing, but when they looked behind the curtain it turned out to be Bae Rona. Clark asked Cheon Seo Jin to give Bae Rona a fair chance to audition due to her incredible talent.

6.) Drugs
Bae Rona realizes that Eun Byeol is being drugged by Ms. Jin. She tells Su Ryeon and asked her if she can check the drug’s components.

7.) Where Is Logan Lee?
Logan’s family is willing to give money to Baek Jun Ki, as long as he can find Logan Lee. However, it seems like he has other dark plans.

8.) Dohae Constructions
Dohae Constructions sealed the deal for Cheonsoo District.

9.) Joo Dan Tae’s Past
Shim Su Ryeon revealed her self as part of Dohae Constructions. Joo Dan Tae tries to attack her, but she was able to fight back. Joo Dan Tae passed out and remembered his past.

10.) Seok Hoon Breaks Up With Bae Rona
Seok Hoon decided to break up with Bae Rona, thinking that his dad, Joo Dan Tae, was Oh Yoon Hee’s killer.

11.) Shim Su Ryeon’s Revenge
Shim Su Ryeon is out for pay back. Joo Dan Tae was in trouble, until Seok Hoon arrived at the scene.

12.) Shim Su Ryeon Knows That Seok Kyung Is Her Real Daughter
Shim Su Ryeon found a USB containing Oh Yoon Hee’s final words, as she states that Seok Kyung is Su Ryeon’s daughter. Seok Kyung also wakes up and finds out that she’s not in Italy.

13.) Logan Lee Wakes Up

Logan Lee finally woke up, his first word was Su Ryeon’s name.

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“The Penthouse 3” episode 7 is now available on Viu.

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