QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” Episode 16 Finale Spoilers — Shin Woo Yeo’s Fate And End Game Couples

*major spoiler warning*
Here’s what happened in the 16th finale episode of “My Roommate Is A Gumiho,” from whether Shin Woo Yeo became a human being and who the end game couples are.

1.) Shin Woo Yeo’s Disappearing
Shin Woo Yeo thought that he’s about to turn in a human, but he was actually slowly disappearing.

2.) Dates And Meeting The Family
As Shin Woo Yeo knew about his fate, he decided to spend more time with Lee Dam.

3.) Shin Woo Yeo’s Decision
However, he finally decided to let her go. After a while, Dam realized what he was trying to do, so she went after him. But, due to her worry, she almost got into an accident. Shin Woo Yeo saved her, but disappeared after. Dam decided to wait for him, while Hye Sun asked her if she would like to fulfill Shin Woo Yeo’s wish of erasing her memories to free her from pain.

4.) The Gumiho Is Now A Human
Shin Woo Yeo woke up due to Lee Dam’s cries. He finally became a human being after 999 years.

5.) Jae Jin And Hye Sun
Meanwhile, Hye Sun decided to tell Jae Jin that she used to be a Gumiho. Although he wasn’t sure if he would believe her or not, Jae Jin told her that it doesn’t matter if it’s real or not. He will still stay with her.

Jae Jin also confessed that he’s about to enter the military for his mandatory service, despite being afraid that she might break up with her. She told him that she is willing to wait for him.

6.) Gye Seon Woo Leaves To study Abroad.
Seon Woo was shown to be leaving to study abroad.

7.) New Couples?
Two possible couples are also introduced towards the end.

8.) Happy Ending
And, of course, it’s a happy ending for Dam-i-sshi and Oreoshin!

You can watch “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” on iQIYI.

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