QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “The Penthouse 3” Episode 6 Major Spoilers — Na Ae Gyo’s Back, SeokRona’s Breakup, And Who Kept Logan Alive?

*major spoiler warning*
Here’s what happened in the 6th episode of “The Penthouse 3,” from the identity reveal of Logan’s savior, Na Ae Gyo’s comeback, Seok Hoon and Bae Rona’s possible breakup, to hunting Joo Dan Tae down and Eun Byeol as a crime witness.

1.) Cheon Seo Jin attended the press conference of he art center with Joo Dan Tae.

2.) Eun Byeol knows about how Cheon Seo Jin pushed Oh Yoon Hee, her savior, off the cliff. She called her mother a monster.

3.) However, Ms. Jin used a drug that made Eun Byeol lose he memories. Hence, she believes that Oh Yoon Hee kidnapped her, and didn’t know that Seok Hoon and Bae Rona helped her.

4.) Bae Rona showed Shim Su Ryeon the doll her mom wanted to give her. She also showed what Oh Yoon Hee was working on. Shim Su Ryeon also found out that Oh Yoon Hee went to Mirae OB-GYN. She started to dig on what Oh Yoon Hee uncovered.

5.) Jenny wanted to visit Rona to give her some health food, since Rona hasn’t been eating well lately. Her mom said okay, but her dad was firmly against it. Yoo Dong Pil also admitted to Kang Mari that Oh Yoon Hee was murdered. He asked his wife to lie low, but Kang Mari replied that she won’t back down anymore.

6.) Kang Mari asked for help from the Three Queens to find evidence on Joo Dan Tae. Chairman Song Hee Soo is willing to give a huge cash prize to the person who can find Joo Dan Tae via the recorded CCTV camera files.

7.) Seok Kyung found out that Joo Dan Tae named Seok Hoon the property that was supposed to be hers.

8.) It was later revealed the Cheon Seo Jin was the one who ordered Baek Joon Ki and Ha Yoon Chul to save Logan Lee. Shim Su Ryeon also disguised as Na Ae Gyo to get back at Joo Dan Tae.

9.) In the preview for episode 7, Seok Hoon was seen breaking up with Bae Rona, for reasons that are not yet revealed.

You can watch “The Penthouse 3” on Viu Philippines.

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