(G)I-DLE’S Jeon Soyeon Releases First Mini Album “Windy”

JEON SOYEON releases her first mini album Windy.  Listen HERE.  JEON SOYEON is the producer who wrote and composed all title tracks of (G)I-DLE‘s albums.

Windy, JEON SOYEON’s alter ego, likes fast food and skateboarding and has the outspoken attitude of Gen-Z, and is a rebellious character set apart from SOYEON, the leader of (G)I-DLE. You will spot her nonconforming, unique charms from her sensational visual transformation, straightforward lyrics, and free-spirited performances. Furthermore, JEON SOYEON dedicated much effort to concept directing, even founding her very own brand ‘Windy Burger’. Her exquisite sense of humor can be found in various elements of this album, including the retro commercial vibe teaser and fast food to-go box-like album packaging.

JEON SOYEON 1st Mini Album [Windy] is composed of tracks of various genres including the title track ‘BEAM BEAM’, a rock/hip-hop track which depicts how the sun shines down, the unreleased song ‘Weather’ that fans have been waiting for, ‘Quit’ which can be enjoyed by anyone, ‘Psycho’ with impressive fierce beats and lyrics, and ‘Is this bad b****** number (Feat. BIBI, Lee Young Ji)’ which shows the chemistry of Gen-Z.

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