FIRST IMPRESSION REVIEW: “The Devil Judge” — A Chaotic Masterpiece

At a glance, “The Devil Judge” may seem like your regular legal drama but its unique concept of creating a live court — where viewers can watch a trial live and vote “guilty or not guilty” in real-time — is what makes the series enthralling. Also, unlike most legal dramas, Kang Yo Han (portrayed by Jisung), the lead character of the series, isn’t your typical righteous hero. The character — despite being a judge — is depicted as a “monster,” hence, pushing the main story as “a monster can bring down another monster.”

The series also gives us tension-filled dynamics between the four lead characters. There’s some sort of mysterious backstory between Kang Yo Han and the younger judge, Kim Ga On (GOT7’s Jin Young). Then there’s this budding romance between Kim Ga On and his childhood friend Yoon Soo Hyun (Park Gyu Young). Plus, Jung Sun A (Kim Min Jung) seems to be another secretive character.

Aside from the refreshing yet intriguing characters, the series also boast of some eye-catching cinematography and on-point scoring. Plus — with so many plot twists and story development in the pilot episode — episode one could even pass off as a 100-minute long film. The premiere felt like a rollercoaster ride with fireworks being lit at the end.

If “The Devil Judge” could keep up with its current pace in giving us mind-blowing episodes every week, this series could actually be a strong “best drama” candidate for the next Daesang Awarding Ceremonies.

“The Devil Judge” is available on Viu Philippines and iQIYI Philippines.

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