QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “The Penthouse 3” Episode 5 Major Spoilers ― The Body In The Statue’s Identity, The Real Killer, And The 10 Billion Won

*major spoiler warning*
Here’s what happened in the 5th episode of “The Penthouse 3,” from the identity of the body found in the statue and the real killer, Yoon Chul and Rona’s encounter, Cheon Seo Jin’s secret, and the new owner of the 10 billion won.

1.) Oh Yoon Hee is confirmed to be the body found in the statue.

2.) Cheon Seo Jin and Shim Su Ryeon started to look for Oh Yoon Hee. Yoon Hee failed to tell Su Ryeon that Seok Kyung is her biological daughter.

3.) Ordered by Joo Dan Tae, Dong Pil and Seok Kyung were both put to sleep for his plans. Dong Pil, so he could frame him. Seok Kyung, so he could keep her away from Su Ryeon and Seok Hoon.

4.) Seok Hoon comforted Rona and stayed by her side.

5.) Joo Dan Tae tried to blackmail Dong Pil, either he does his bidding or he will tell people that he killed Oh Yoon Hee and also threatened to hurt his family. He chooses to save his family.

6.) Joo Dan Tae gets his hands on Seok Kyung and Su Ryeon’s DNA test result.

7.) Ms. Ji lied to the press by telling them that Yoon Hee kidnapped Eun Byeol.

8.) Cheon Seo Jin confronts Ha Yoon Chul, hinting that something happened to Oh Yoon Hee.

9.) Ha Yoon Chul wishes for Yoon Hee’s safety.

10.) A body and the cars were finally found.

11.) Joo Dan Tae also found Oh Yoon Hee’s key to Logan’s safe, only to find a few gold bars.

12.) Rona and Su Ryeon both grieve due to Oh Yoon Hee’s death.

13.) Bae Rona holds her mother’s funeral, their Hera Palace neighbors paid their respects.

14.) Sang A talks about the possibility of getting Yoon Hee’s business now that she’s gone. Min Hyuk reacted by saying that he’s disappointed in the way his mother thinks.

15.) The press started to flock over to Yoon Hee’s funeral, calling her a murderer. Su Ryeon stands up to Yoon Hee, stating that she’s not that kind of person.

16.) Ha Yoon Chul visits Oh Yoon Hee’s funeral, and tried to ask for his daughter Rona’s forgiveness. Rona asked him to leave.

17.) Rona comes home, she’s now all alone. 🙁

18.) Seok Kyung once again talks back to Su Ryeon. Her mother had enough and decided to disown her.

19.) Su Ryeon remembers the book Yoon Hee gave her, but the real Joo Dan Tae visited before she could open it. The real Joo Dan Tae gets his hands on the 10 billion won check.

20.) It was revealed in the end that the real killer behind Oh Yoon Hee’s murder is Cheon Seo Jin.

You can watch the full episode on Viu Philippines!

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