ACTOR TRIVIA: 10 Things You Might Want To Know About Lee Soo Hyuk From “Tomorrow” And “Doom At Your Service”

Lee Soo Hyuk currently plays the cool yet surprisingly romantic story editor Cha Joo Ik in “Doom At Your Service” and a Grim Reaper—Escort Team’s team leader Park Joong Gil in “Tomorrow.” Here are 10 things you might want to know about him.

1.) He was born on May 31, 1988, and is currently 33 years old.

2.) He debuted as a model, and stands at 6’0ft tall (or 185cm).

3.) He’s been modelling for 10 years! He was even part of the Paris collection shows.

4.) He already finished his mandatory military service as a public service worker.

5.) He already worked with Seo In Guk in the drama “High School King Of Savvy” back in 2014 and “Pipeline” this 2021.

6.) In an interview with W Korea, he said that he likes to assemble things such as robots and platsic model airplanes. He also enjoys building legos.

7.) He closes with Kim Young Kwang and Kim Woo Bin, the three are all models turned actors.

8.) He is such a movie fan, and is always looks at the ratings and review site IMDB.

9.) In an interview with My Music Taste, he stated that his actual personality is different from the roles he play. He said, “I like to play pranks and be a little cheeky. But the roles I play are mostly cold, and at public events, I get a little tensed up because I’m nervous. So I never get to show my perky side. But I’m just an ordinary man.”

10.) He also starred in the dramas “Born Again,” “I’m Sorry, I Love You,” “Sweet Stranger To Me,” and “Lucky Romance.”

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