QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “The Penthouse 3” Episode 4 Major Spoilers — The Real Twins, DNA Tests, Escapes, And Body Found In The Statue

*major spoiler warning*
Here’s what happened in the fourth episode of “The Penthouse 3,” from finding out who the real twins are and Cheon Seo Jin partially learning about Joo Dan Tae’s identity, to Eun Byeol and Yoon Hee’s lives being threatened and the mystery behind the body in the statue.

1.) Cheon Seo Jin finds the wanted poster of Joo Dan Tae, whose real name is Baek Jun Ki. The real Joo Dan Tae, who is now using the name Baek Jun Ki, saw her and Cheon Seo Jin confronted him.

2.) A flashback shows how Logan Lee saw and helped the real Joo Dan Tae.

3.) Shim Su Ryeon and Seok Kyung got into an argument, as Su Ryeon knows that Seok Kyung stole her seal and is taking orders from Joo Dan Tae.

4.) Baek Jun Ki tells Joo Dan Tae that he saw Shim Su Ryeon when they were younger, and added that Su Ryeon was his first love.

5.) Oh Yoon Hee confronts Yoo Dong Pil about who the real killer is, as she believes that it’s Joo Dan Tae.

6.) Cheon Seo Jin finally completed the Cheong A Art Center, only to find out that Oh Yoon Hee owns 20% of the shares. Cheon Seo Jin only has 15% of shares. They also found out about Oh Yoon Hee being in possession of Logan Lee’s money.

7.) Bae Rona and Seok Hoon helped Eun Byeol escape from Ms. Jin. Rona also took her home and gave her food to eat. Eun Byeol tried calling her mom, but Seo Jin had to hang up because of Joo Dan Tae.

8.) Ms. Jin finds Eun Byeol with the help of Seok Kyung. She then pretends to be Seo Jin by letting Eun Byeol listen to her mother’s voice to make her open the door. When Eun Byeol opens the door, Ms. Jin knocks her out, and then kidnaps the unconsciousv Eun Byeol.

9.) Yoon Hee followed Ms. Jin and eventually got to escape with Eun Byeol. However, Joo Dan Tae started to follow them. Yoon Hee started to get worried, as she still hasn’t told Su Ryeon that Seok Kyung is her real daughter, as seen from the DNA test she previously requested.

10.) Joo Dan Tae tried to push Yoon Hee and Eun Byeol off a cliff. He took the DNA test results from Yoon Hee’s car, and then left Yoon Hee as she was trying to stop the car from falling down the cliff.

11.) Yoo Dong Pil tried to look for the body hidden in the statue, only to get caught by Joo Dan Tae.

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