QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “Doom At Your Service” Episode 13 Major Spoilers — Hugs, Kisses, And Regrets

DISCLAIMER: This article contains major spoilers and is intended for those who wants to see major spoilers before watching an episode. Spoilers are also posted via a private group.

In the 13th episode of “Doom At Your Service,” Cha Joo Ik (portrayed by Lee Soo Hyuk) emphasized how much he likes Na Ji Na (portrayed by Shin Do Hyun). When asked when did he start liking her, Joo Ik answered, “Since the beginning.”

Joo Ik also found drunk Ji Na after the latter met with Lee Hyun Kyu (portrayed by Kang Tae Oh). Ji Na told Joo Ik that he confuses her. He then assured her that she doesn’t need to feel confused, and explained that he met with her because he likes her. She then kissed him, but added how she might be doing things she’ll probably regret once she’s sober.

On the other hand, Tak Dong Kyung (portrayed by Park Bo Young) and Myul Mang (portrayed by Seo In Guk) are still figuring out if they know each other. In the end, after a kiss, the two eventually remembered all their memories together and how much they mean to each other. They bickered at first, but ended with a bittersweet embrace.

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