FIRST IMPRESSION REVIEW: “Nevertheless” — Young Love’s Beauty And Mistakes

“Nevertheless” explores the school and love lives of university art students; mainly focusing on Yoo Na Bi (portrayed by “The World Of The Married” actress Han So Hee), a senior who broke up with her lover due to infidelity, and Park Jae Eon (portrayed by “Navillera” actor Song Kang), a mysterious yet flirty junior who seems to be interested in Na Bi.

Everybody loves differently, but the series shows a side that’s not always seen in conventional Korean dramas. Although it did maintain the clumsy and wholesome side that’s often part of romantic-comedy genres — Na Bi waiting for Jae Eon’s texts and going out of her way to see him — “Nevertheless” adds another layer by showcasing more suggestive scenes through Na Bi’s more proactive classmates, Jae Eon’s flirty character, and even hinting about Na Bi’s private life.

The drama still follows JTBC’s seamless way of storytelling; it always looks like we’re taking a peek at the characters’ daily lives, hence, making the viewers feel like they’re watching a friend’s story. “Nevertheless” also brings to light various relationship topics and problems from toxic lovers and cheating, to modern dating and remaining unattached to one’s partner.

Nevertheless, despite the slightly more mature themes, the series still maintains grace and elegance through its artful cinematography — from the wide shots of beautiful sceneries to the extreme body close-up shots, which seems to be a nod to the two characters’ art, sculpting. All in all, “Nevertheless” explores the beauty and innocence of young love and the mistakes and sensuality that may also come with it.

The series is available via Netflix.

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  1. I love this movie. Love Song Kang. I think he portrayed the character perfectly . A man who never knew his mother love . But yet learned to show love to the woman he fell in love with.

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