McDonald’s BTS Meal Is Worth The Hype And Here Are Four Reasons Why

The BTS Meal consists of 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, medium Coke, and two dipping sauces — sweet chili and Cajun.

Here are four reasons why it’s worth the hype:

1.) Collab Between Two Industry Leaders
Despite the set being “just a nuggets meal” with new sauces, the collaboration is worth the hype it’s getting since this is a huge project between two top-tier names — McDonald’s a well-known name in the fast-food industry and BTS as one of the top K-pop groups of all-time.

2.) The Sauces
Sweet Chili has a lot of spunk, it’s spicy with the right amount of heat and sweetness. While Cajun is the unique limited-time sauce to this nuggets meal. It’s has a thicker consistency and leans towards a hot mustard with a hint of gochujang kind of flavor.

3.) It’s All About The BTS Experience
The BTS Meal is also a one-of-a-kind experience for the group’s fan club, ARMYs. The group carefully picked the menu items, and even made sure that it’s “universal” enough so everyone can try their set meal.

4.) It’s A Collector’s Item
The packaging can also be considered as a collector’s item. Some ARMYs even created their own “merch” using the cups, cardboard, the sauces, and brown bag!

BONUS: The BTS Meal is not exactly overpriced.

• #BTSMealPH price: 270 pesos
– 10-pc. Chicken McNuggets, NEW Sweet Chili and Cajun Sauces, Medium Fries, and Medium Coke = 270 pesos (270 pesos via delivery, 260 if bought for the actual McDonald’s brand)

As solo meals (303 pesos)
– 10-pcs chicken McNuggets meal (190, 19 pesos per nuggets), Medium Fries Solo (55 pesos), and Medium Coke (58 pesos) = 303 pesos

• Chicken McNuggets Meal route: 264 pesos
(but this is not available since you can’t buy only 4 nuggets + 1 limited edition sauce)
– 6-pcs Chicken McNuggets Meal with Medium Fries, Medium Drinks, and 1 Sauce (176 pesos) + 4 McNuggets (76 pesos — 19 pesos each from 10-pcs McNuggets meal, unavailable on its own) + Add-on Sauce (12 pesos, unavailable on its own) = 264

Have you tried the BTS Meal yet? Share your photos and how you plan to “immortalize” the packaging. ❤

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