Now Streaming At iQiyi & “At a Distance, Spring is Green”

“At a Distance, Spring is Green” stars Park Ji-Hoon (K-pop boy group Wanna One), Bae In Hyuk (My Roommate is a Gumiho) and Kang Min Ah (True Beauty) that tells of the distress and contradictions that young adults are currently facing.  Ji Hoon plays Yeo Joon, a handsome business management student who grew up in a wealthy family., Min-ah plays Kim So Bin who is an honest, straightforward and hardworking student while In-hyuk is Nam Soo-hyun who is a straight A student and a perfectionist.

Director Kim Jong-Hyun expressed his satisfaction on having Park Ji-Hoon in the show since Ji-Hoon has perfectly matched the main character’s image from the original comic. Park Ji-Hoon said the character “Yeo Jun” he played might look cheerful, but is also afraid of getting hurt on the inside.

Bae In-Hyuk as Nam Soo Hyun is someone who lost his father at a young age that required him to work part-time jobs to make a living. He intentionally lost a bunch of weight to fit in his role. Having co-starred in My Roommate is a Gumiho, he felt grateful that he could receive these opportunities right after wrapping one project.

While the show is streaming, Park Ji Hoon will be online with the Korea Entertainment platform Universe to do live chats with fans! He also shared that he did the bungee jumping scene with only one take! It has also become the most classic scene voted by fans.

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