4 Reasons To Watch Lee Do Hyun And Go Min Si’s “Youth Of May”

“Youth Of May” takes its viewers back to the 1980s, showcasing a timeless love story between Hwang Hee Tae (portrayed by Lee Do Hyun) and Kim Myung Hee (portrayed by Go Min Si) during the turbulent times when the Gwangju Uprising happened.

Here are four reasons why you should watch the drama.

1.) There Aren’t Many Dramas Set In The 1980s
There are a lot of Korean dramas set in the Goryeo, Goguryeo, Joseon, or just the way-back-into-the-past era. But the 1980s is not that much explored in Korean series. Hence, this gives the drama a distinct yet nostalgic feel.

2.) The History Behind The Gwangju Uprising
Still, this series is not like the romantic and comedic “Reply” series. “Youth Of May” is more of an eye-opener as it showcases the harsh reality during a mass protest that happened in May 1980 that led to brutality and lives lost. For the youth of 2020, “Youth Of May” reminds the young of how this historically significant event’s impact eventually led to Korea’s democracy.

3.) Love Story That Transcends Time
The series also features a pure love story between Hwang Hee Tae and Kim Myung Hee. Although their meet-cute originally started as funny, clumsy, and light-hearted, their relationship then eventually develop into a more serious and mature melodrama-type of romance.

4.) If You Need A Good Tear-Jerker
If you need a good cry, “Youth Of May” can be your go-to drama. Plus, the series is even more heartbreaking since it’s based on a true-to-life historical event. As they say, fiction may hurt but reality hurts even more.

Will you start watching “Youth Of May”? If you already did, what do you think of the series?

“Youth Of May” is available on Viu Philippines.

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