5 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Sell Your Haunted House,” Even If You’re Scared Of The Horror Genre

“Sell Your Haunted House” tells the story of Hong Ji Ah (portrayed by Jang Nara) and her unique job as the CEO of a real estate business that specifically sells haunted houses at their proper prices, or maybe even more. Hong Ji Ah, however, is not a regular woman; she’s actually an exorcist who performs exorcism at the buildings she sells to get rid of the spirits that prevents buyers from purchasing the haunted properties.

While trying to sell off a certain property, she meets Oh In Bum (portrayed by CNBLUE’s Yonghwa), a swindler who sells fake ghost-detecting gadgets for money. However, what the two don’t know is that Oh In Bum is actually a psychic and is connected to Hong Ji Ah’s past.

What will happen if the two of them decides to work together?

For those who are not a fan of horror, “Sell Your Haunted House” may seem like a drama you’d want to veer away from. However, the series is more than its title, and is actually more humane than frightening. Here are five reasons why you should start streaming the show via Viu Philippines.

1.) Jump Scares Turned Tears
Sure, there are a lot of jump scares in the series — if you’re really scared of ghosts, you might want to watch this in broad daylight — but those temporary feelings will soon turn into a really long crying session that’s a mix of heartwarming and heartbreaking moments once viewers learn about the ghosts’ true nature and how they lived their lives.

2.) The Hot And Cold Chemistry Of In Bum And Ji Ah
Jang Nara and Yonghwa have really good chemistry as ghost-busting partners and as a potential couple. Ji Ah may come off as cold, but In Bum is always there to warm her up both physically (by holding her hand) and emotionally. They’re so much tension between the two, and they made their chemistry work without being overly romantic or “cheesy.”

3.) The Mysteries That Needs Solving
If detective-type of dramas are your thing, you’d enjoy solving cases and thinking of how this-and-that happened in “Sell Your Haunted House.”

4.) Food And Comedy Go Together
Another enjoyable aspect of “Sell Your Haunted House” is how much food Hong Ji Ah can eat, hence, the weekly Korean food showcase. It’s fun to see different types of food — some of which are not featured and highlighted as much in other mainstream dramas. Plus, the characters’ comedic timing in the series would leave you feeling full (of laughs) in every episode.

5.) All The Life Lessons
“Sell Your Haunted House” shares a lot of moral and life lessons. It shows the viewers to always look at a different perspective, since sometimes we don’t fully see the full picture when we’re only looking at something with our own “truths.” Hence, to see how a certain situation truly is, we need to know the “truth” of the other person involved as well.

Would you start watching “Sell Your Haunted House”? If you already did, what do you think of the series?

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