LIST: 10 Short Korean Dramas That You Can Finish Between 1-3 Hours

If your schedule’s full but you still need your Korean drama break, here are 10 short Korean dramas that you can watch in less than three hours.

1.) Page Turner
3 hours, Episodes: 3
After an accident, young genius pianist Yoo Seul (Kim So Hyun) had to live her life knowing that she may never play the piano again. She struggles with her new life, but was able to gain strength with the help of her friend and former rival.

2.) Nightmare Teacher
3 hours, Episodes: 12
Students at Yosan Private High School suddenly disappeared one by one after going through a counseling session with temporary teacher Han Bong Gu (Uhm Ki Joon). The class’ president decided to investigate their disappearance, both physically and in their memories.

3.) Ping Pong Ball
2 hours and 30 mins, Episodes: 2
Despite their differences and age gap, a philosophy major and a homeless man — who both experienced heartbreak and rejection — become unlikely friends.

4.) Somehow 18
2 hours and 30 minutes, Episodes: 10
In order to save his first love’s life, orthopedics resident Kyung Whee (SHINee’s Choi Minho) travels back in time.

5.) You Drive Me Crazy
2 hours and 20 minutes, Episodes: 4
After a night together, longtime friends Kim Rae Wan (Kim Seon Ho) and Han Eun Sung (Lee Yoo Young), struggles to remain as strictly friends only.

6.) Splash Splash Love
2 hours and 20 minutes, Episodes: 2
High school student Dan Bi was gifted with a special ability, she is able to travel at any time period whenever it rains. One day, she unknowingly traveled to the Joseon period and meets the current king, Lee Do (Yoon Doo Joon).

7.) Puck
2 hours and 20 mins, Episodes: 2
In order to collect money from a hockey coach who borrowed cash from his employer, a loan shark, Joon Man (Lee Kwang Soo) decided to infiltrate their client’s base by joining the hockey team.

8.) My Runway
2 hours, Episodes: 10
Rookie model Han Seo Yeon (Park Ji Yeon) switches bodies with top model Jin Wook (Kang Dong Ho).

9.) If We Were A Season
1 hour and 7 minutes, Episodes: 1
Born on the same day, Yoon Hae Rim (Chae Soo Bin) and Uhm Gi Seok (Jang Dong Yeon) were always together since birth. But what happens when another guy (portrayed by Jinyoung) suddenly becomes part of the picture?

10.) Aftermath
Duration: 50 minutes, Episodes: 5
Ahn Dae Young (Kim Dong Jun) gains the ability to foresee if a person will commit murder. He then decided to use his special power to save those who are targeted by the perpetrator before it’s too late.

BONUS: 7 First Kisses
Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes, Episodes: 8
Although created as a drama-like CF for LOTTE’s Duty-Free Mall, “7 First Kisses” is still both cute and entertaining. It also features top celebrities such as Lee Min Ho (“The King: Eternal Monach”), Ji Chang Wook (“Backstreet Rookie”), Lee Jong Suk (“W Two Worlds”), Lee Joon Gi (“Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”), Park Hae Jin (“Forest”), 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon (“Vincenzo”), and EXO’s Kai. The series also stars Lee Cho Hee as the lead and Choi Ji Woo as the angel of love.

Which short Korean drama will you watch first?

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