7 Reasons To Watch K-pop Inspired Korean Drama “Imitation”

If you’re a k-pop fan who also loves Korean dramas, or if you’ve started to watch Korean dramas after your k-pop biased starred in one… or even if you’re just a pure k-pop stan, “Imitation” would be something you might want to consider watching.

Here are 7 reasons why you should stream “Imitation.”

1.) The world of K-pop
The series is based on a Webtoon of the same title, and tells the story of multiple k-pop idols – from successful soloists, struggling older groups, and rookies who are either truly new or had to start-over, to trainees who debuted early and those who took some time before they gained their fame.

“Imitation” also storified what goes behind-the-scenes, the hardships both trainees and stars face on a daily basis, and even divulge on unfair contracts, mental health, and scandals. The drama basically shows that there a lot more things happening when these stars are not performing on stage, things that viewers don’t see.

2.) The OSTs are basically K-pop songs
SHAX’s hip song “Malo,” Tea Party’s youthful and cute track “Show Me,” La Lima’s sexy concept with “No Answer,” and SPARKLING’s preppy single “Diamond” could all compete in actual music shows. The songs in “Imitation” are basically BOP!

The fictional K-pop groups are also treated like real K-pop groups: from performing in Music Bank, and having dance practice videos, to having their own official Instagram accounts.

3.) Most of the stars are legit acting-dols
Three of the leads actually debuted as K-pop stars: U-KISS’s Jun, T-ARA’s Jiyeon, and ATEEZ’s Yunho. There are also many acting-dols in the series from K-pop groups such as ATEEZ, SF9, Boys Republic, PRISTIN, g.o.d, and various soloists.

4.) SF9’s Chani
Just like his appearance in “True Beauty,” Chani’s character in the series also gives off a mysterious vibe. His whereabouts is one of the main plotlines in the drama.

5.) The chemistry and difference between the two lead characters
The leads — U-KISS’s Lee “Jun” Young as SHAX’s Kwon Ryeok and “Doom At Your Service” actress Jung Ji So as Tea Party’s Lee Ma Ha — have different perspectives. Kwon Ryeok already experienced stardom and the difficulties he had to face as a well-known star started to wear him out. Lee Ma Ha failed so many times, and, although she has trust issues, she’s also the type to keep trying and would do any job her agency gives her for the sake of survival.

Still, despite their difference, both love their craft and actually have similar core values, which makes their chemistry something that’s beyond “the famous guy and the regular girl” tandem.

6.) It’s a coming-of-age drama
The series shows the difference between the dreamers from their youth, to those who actually experienced what it’s like to push for your goals — those who are starting can be very idealistic, while those who already experienced drawbacks and the reality of their “dream” understand that life is not always full of rainbows and butterflies. Still, despite the dissimilarity, the series shows that these people all have a similar love for what they do — whether they ran away, gave up, kept going, or just stood there stagnantly, none of these changed their respect for their art.

7.) It airs once a week
A lot of people prefer watching dramas twice a week, but, for those who are busy with school or work, a series that airs once a week is the perfect one-hour stress-reliever. Plus, it airs every Friday, so it’s something that you can watch during your well-deserved weekend break.

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