THOUGHTS: “Doom At Your Service” And The Symbolism Of The — Supposedly “Red String Of Fate” Bracelet

Although it hasn’t been confirmed whether the bracelet that Myul Mang (portrayed by Seo In Guk) gave to Tak Dong Kyung (portrayed by Park Bo Young) symbolizes the “red string of fate,” the color (well, red) and their fixation on the terms “fate” and “destiny” could serve as clues that the series might really be after the whole being “fated together” concept.

Just like how the red string of fate is about two people being connected to each other, Myul Mang and Tak Dong Kyung have been shown to be two people who are destined to meet. (What are the odds of wishing sincerely for “doom” at the same time?)

Additionally, the red string of fate also serves as a “guide,” leading someone to the direction they’re destined to take. The question, however, is whether the bracelet tangles the two characters together or if Myul Mang is actually Tak Dong Kyung’s red string or “guide.” It could also be the other way around, with Dong Kyung being the person who’ll free Myul Mang. But the most ideal is both of them being each other’s guide… whether in life or the afterlife. (This series feels like it might have sad ending or a compromising one, but still hoping that they’ll live happily ever after — or at least let them be fated together until the end.)

What are your thoughts so far?

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