7 Reasons To Watch “So I Married The Anti-Fan”

What if your favorite celebrity gets married to his “anti-fan”? “So I Married The Anti-Fan” is about an entertainment magazine writer named Lee Geun Young (portrayed by SNSD member and “Run On” actress Choi Sooyoung) who lost her job because of Korea’s top pop star, Who Joon (portrayed by “Missing 9” actor Choi Tae Joon). As she tries to get revenge, she declares herself as his “anti-fan,” but eventually gets tapped to become his “wife” through a reality show titled “So I Married The Anti-Fan.”

Here are 7 reasons why you might want to watch the drama:

1.) It’s a light romcom…
With so many ongoing dramas that feature genres that are more on the “dark” side, “So I Married The Anti-Fan” is a refreshing change that can also be your comfort drama when you need a good laugh.

2.) …but, like other Korean dramas, also have heartbreaking and realistic moments
Still, the series has its fair share of tear-jerking scenes. What makes this fun to watch is that it quickly resolves the tension between the leads, so viewers won’t feel any prolonged agony.

3.) The fun, sweet, and upbeat soundtracks
The songs in the series are sweet like cotton candy and will make you feel like you’re on a car ride on your way to the beach. Listening to the OSTs in the drama feels a lot like falling in love.

4.) How they presented life in the entertainment industry
Lee Geun Young is an entertainment magazine writer, hence, she already had her fair share of seeing, talking, and interviewing celebrities. It’s nice that they presented her in a way that she’s cool, composed, and pretty much sees Who Joon as another co-worker. She still knows how much influence he has on people and his fans and respects his craft, but, either way, does not get shaken by his status. Who Joon, on the other hand, humanizes celebrities in a way that shows that they, too, have their fair share of problems and hidden sides (ehem, hobbies).

Even the way the production staff, the editorial team, and the fans were presented wasn’t overly dramatized. Sure, there are times where showbiz can have some “big moments,” but it’s refreshing to see them try to show the everyday lives of the people who work behind-the-scenes in industry, even in a fictional set-up.

5.) The leads’ chemistry
The kind celebrity with a dorky side and the unapologetic female lead who also has a vulnerable side, their unlikely tandem is what makes this series so fun to watch.

Plus, despite the two actors both being in a long-term relationship — Sooyoung with “Hospital Playlist” actor Jung Kyung Ho, and Choi Tae Joon with “Sisyphus: The Myth” actor Park Shin Hye — their chemistry is still so strong, showing just how professional they are.

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6.) The quotable quotes and relatable content
The series may be a punch-to-the-moon drama, with the likeliness of this kind of situation happening in one’s daily life being less than 1%, but most of the hard-hitting dialogues can be relatable to people who are having a hard time. Hence, you don’t need to date a pop star or be an anti-fan (don’t be one, please) to relate to “So I Married The Anti-Fan.”

7.) People are hyped since 2018
The series was filmed 3 years ago, and a lot of fans have been waiting for the drama to air since 2018. This 2021, “So I Married The Anti-Fan” finally found its home through the streaming platforms iQIYI, Viki, and Naver. Despite airing three years late, the series proved that it’s 2021 material. Just like how Geun Young may be a late bloomer, “So I Married The Anti-Fan” bloomed beautifully at the right time.

Are you watching “So I Married The Anti-Fan”? What do you think of the series?

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