Korean Drama Fashion: Vincenzo’s Hand-Picked OOTD For Hong Cha Young Is Worth A Total Of 230,000 PHP

In “Vincenzo” episode 14, Vincenzo Cassano (portrayed by Song Joong Ki) picked Hong Cha Young’s (portrayed by Jeon Yeo Bin) outfit. The brands she wore were from SWAROVSKI, Roger Vivier, and LYNN. Her whole ensemble cost around 230,000 PHP.

Her dress is LYNN’s Double Button Modern Dress (around 31,000 PHP). Her accessories are from SWAROVSKI; namely the Sparkling Dance Dial-Up Earrings in Grey, Rose Gold Tone Plating (around 14,500 PHP) and the Sparkling Dance Dial-Up Necklace, Medium, Gray, Rose Gold Tone Plating (around 12,000 PHP). While her purse (Flower Strass Buckle Clutch, around 80,000 PHP) and pumps (Flower Strass Buckle Pumps around 95,000 PHP) are from Roger Vivier.

No wonder she looks even more expensive in tonight’s episode!

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