Korean Drama Fashion: The BVLGARI Ring Logan Lee Bought To Propose To Shim Su Ryeon Cost More Than Half A Million Pesos

In the final episode of “The Penthouse 2,” Logan Lee (portrayed by Park Eun Seok) was about to propose to Shim Su Ryeon (portrayed by Lee Ji Ah) with a ring from the luxury brand BVLGARI.

The said ring is from the brand’s B.ZERO1 Rock Jewelry Collection, which is known for its distinctive designs which highlight self-expression. The ring he prepared is called the B.ZERO1 RING which is made of four-bands and 18kt gold with pave diamonds. It is priced at around 650,000 PHP; the price is adjusted depending on your ring size.

The actual design currently only has a rose gold option, but Logan Lee’s proposal ring is made of yellow gold.

The Penthouse season 2 just ended last night, April 2, and will have a special episode tonight. April 3. The drama’s third season will premiere in June 2021. Hopefully, Logan Lee will still be able to give this ring to Shim Su Ryeon in season 3, no matter how absurd that is. Well, it’s a makjang show after all, nothing’s impossible.

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