Reports Stated That “Joseon Exorcist” Will Now Be Cancelled; SBS’s Last Statement Said That Only Next Week’s Broadcast Will Be Cancelled

UPDATE (as of March 26): SBS released an official statement regarding the cancellation of the drama “Joseon Exorcist.” The production company already filmed 80% of the drama, but will ultimately be canceled due to the drama’s historical inaccuracies controversy.

UPDATE (as of March 25): As per Ilgan Sports, SBS canceled the broadcast of “Joseon Exorcist” due to historical inaccuracies controversy; advertisements and sponsorships also pulled out. After only two episodes, the whole series is said to now be canceled according to the report.

There’s still no official announcement from SBS, as of writing. To verify the said article’s report, let’s wait for SBS’s official statement.


Due to the controversy “Joseon Exorcist” faced, the reruns of the first two episodes of the drama will be halted and edited. They will also be taking a one-week break to reorganize the story. Hence, canceling next week’s broadcast.

Jang Dong Yoon is currently starring in “Joseon Exorcist,” he had an accident before while filming the series, which pushed back the premiere date. The series finally premiered last March 22, but further episodes will once again be delayed due to the controversy regarding historical inaccuracies.

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