FIRST IMPRESSION REVIEW: “Navillera” Starring Song Kang — A Heartwarming And Inspiring Story About Life And Growing Old

“Navillera” follows the story of Lee Chae Rok (portrayed by Song Kang), a male ballerina who is in a slump, and Shim Deok Cheol (portrayed by Park In Hwan), a 70-year-old man who dreams of learning ballet. The two met when the latter finally decided to study the craft, in hopes of dancing on stage even just once in his life. Lee Chae Rok then becomes his teacher, while grandpa follows him around as his manager.

Will grandpa Deok Cheol learn how to dance, and will Chae Rok eventually become a successful ballerina?

“Navillera” explores topics that are not often seen in mainstream Korean series, but still became a successful Webtoon in its own right. The Korean drama version is relatable, beautifully written, and touches on the realities of life. The drama’s sentimental tone also gives the series a sense of realism. “Navillera” also shows the pains of growing old, and how it’s never too late to do just about anything — even at the age of 70. It’s a heartwarming story that showcases the hardships of the youth and eldery, which may help some understand the point-of-views of different age groups.

All in all, even with just two episodes, “Navillera” can pierce through your heart as the dialogues tackle the realities of the elderly and the unprivileged youth while, overall, keeping its soul-stirring and comforting storyline.

The series is available via Netflix.

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