Song Kang’s Korean Dramas As The Lead Character After “Love Alarm”

Song Kang had a lot of projects offered to him after the first season of “Love Alarm” aired back in 2019; the actor also started getting lead roles in 2020.

Here are all of Song Kang’s projects as the lead actor between 2020 – 2021:

1.) Sweet Home (Completed, available via Netflix)
Song Kang starred as Cha Hyun Soo in the Netflix Original Series adaptation of the Webtoon “Sweet Home.” The series is about a boy named Hyun Soo who became an orphan after his family passed away due to a car accident. Thinking about how he will survive, he sold their house and moved into a smaller apartment. A strange occurrence, however, happened. Suddenly, Hyun Soo and the rest of the apartment’s residents were up to fight against humans who were turning into monsters in hopes to survive. But what happens if Hyun Soo starts turning into one, too?

2.) Navillera (Premieres on March 22 via tvN)
Another Korean drama adaptation of a popular Webtoon, “Navillera” is about a man named Shim Deok Chool who dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but had to put a halt on his dreams. He then decided to pursue his love for ballet at the age of 70. During his pursuit, he will meet a young and talented male ballerina, Lee Chae Rok (played by Song Kang), whose love for the craft is slowly fading away.

3.) Nevertheless…
Song Kang is paired with “The World Of The Married” star Han So Hee in the Korean drama adaptation of the Webtoon “I Know But.” Song Kang will play Jae Eon, a guy who is tired of dating but still wants to have a fling. While Han So Hee is Nabi, a girl who doesn’t trust men, love, and relationships, but still wants to date. The two got involved with each other, but what happens if Nabi actually really likes Jae Eon despite being unable to trust him? Will they eventually open their hearts for each other?

The two are said to be still in talks for the roles, but photos of them holding the script for the drama resurfaced this month.

UPDATE (as of March 18): The two are officially confirmed to star in the series.

4.) Forecasting Love And Weather
Song Kang is in talks to star with Park Min Young in “Forecasting Love And Weather;” the two are under the same agency, NAMOO Actors. If they accept the roles, Song Kang will play Lee Shi Woo, an innocent, clumsy-looking but talented forecaster. While Park Min Young will portray Jin Ha Kyung, his upright yet sensitive boss. The two are colleagues who work for the National Weather Service.

UPDATE: The two are confirmed to star in the series.

Who else is excited for Song Kang to finally chosen?

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