Let Strong Female Leads Inspire You On iQiyi’s Asian Drama Watch List This March

Popular and rising Korean and Chinese female stars take center stage in some of the latest shows to drop on iQiyi International this March. As we celebrate Womens’ Month, let popular Asian Drama actresses like Chinese celebrities Li Yitong, and Li Qin regale you as they portray central female characters in stories of heroism, bravery, love, friendship, and passion.  

  1. In COURT LADY Chinese actress and singer Li Yitong joins popular actor Xu Kai in a romcom period drama set in the Tang Dynasty. Here, Xu Kai’s character, a rich playboy, decides to turn over a new leaf after falling in love with the beautiful businesswoman played by Li Yitong.
  2. South Korean singer and actress Nana stars as a popular comedian who is the love interest of a TV scriptwriter played by Lee Min Ki in iQiyi original and exclusive, OH! MASTER, a romantic comedy about two people who don’t seem to know how to fall in love until they’ve lived together. 
  3. HOW TO BE THIRTY features popular actress Jung In-sun who plays the role of Seo Ji Won, a 30-year-old webtoon author who meets her publisher and first love from middle school, Lee Seung Yoo (played by actor Kang Min Hyuk) again. The iQiyi exclusive relatable romance drama centers around the work and love lives of women who have just entered their 30s. The cast includes EXID member Hani, Song Jae Rim, Cha Min Ji, and Baek Sung Chul.
  4. Award-winning actresses Kyung Soo Jin and Park Joo Hyun join respected actors Lee Seung Gi and Lee Hee Joon in the awaited Korean thriller, MOUSE. Keeping viewers in suspense, the story follows the characters’ journey to justice in the wake of ruthless serial murders which have thrown the entire nation into chaos.
  5. In sci-fi love story UNUSUAL IDOL LOVE, Jinian, a hardworking girl who works for an entertainment magazine played by Chinese actress Lu Xiaoyu (also known as Rain Lu), is the love interest of hit idol Hu Li (played by Ao Rui Peng), who realizes that he is a robot that is about to be destroyed because of irreparable issues. When Hu Li loses his memory and shows up outside Ji Ninan’s home, she takes him in out of pity and a story of fantasy and romance between them unfolds.  
  6. Chinese actress and singer Li Qin (also known as Sweet Li) hits it off with actor Johnny Huang in the C-drama MY DEAR GUARDIAN, a warm story of a gentle military medic and an ‘ice mountain’ military officer who find love as they fulfill their duties.
  7. In IN LOVE WITH YOUR DIMPLES, Tang Shuang Li (played by Estelle Chen) tries desperately to move on from ‘three losses’ by trying to be an ‘ordinary person’ but ends up attracting the interest of three different men at the same time.
  8. She may not be an Asian actress but Liv Hewson plays the role of Claire Duncan, a huge fan of Korean drama, in the series DRAMAWORLD 2. The American college student’s obsession grows as she finds herself in her favorite drama.

Viewers can access these releases for free on iQiyi International’s website at iQ.com or on the platform’s free mobile application that can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. For access to new episodes as they drop, viewers have the option to sign up for weekly Standard VIP subscription at PHP49, or monthly Standard VIP account at PHP99 or a Premium VIP account at PHP249.

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