REVIEW: 7 Reasons To Watch “She Would Never Know” (And Who Would Love This Type Of Drama)

“She Would Never Know” is an office romance drama which features SF9’s Rowoon (also from “Extraordinary You” with Kim Hye Yoon and Lee Jae Wook) and Won Jin Ah (also from “Melting You Softly” with Ji Chang Wook). The two portrayed Chae Hyun Seung and Yoon Song Ah, two colleagues who have a sunbae-and-hoobae-turned-lovers relationship.

If you’re still thinking about whether you should start streaming this series, here are seven reasons to watch to help you decide.

1.) Rowoon And Won Jin Ah’s Chemistry
The two’s chemistry is one of the things that make this drama lovable. They have a lot of kilig-worthy and feel good scenes, something those inclined towards romantic dramas would love.

2.) It’s Another Webtoon Adaptation (But With A Sense Of Realism And Relatable Imperfections)
The first episode follows the main idea of the first chapter of the manhwa, changing only some of the minor scenes, but the overall flow is still the same. It, however, toned down the manhwa-like feel of having flower boy type or good-looking co-workers seem like the center of the universe. Rather than having lots of females fall for these characters, the drama was pretty subtle about it in a way that it’s more realistic. Yes, the supporting characters recognize the leads’ good looks and abilities, but they gravitate on a more realistic approach where not everyone is heads over heels for someone who’s good looking. The female lead also isn’t the typical naïve woman as seen in some comics, but is rather strong and independent with a caring side.

The characters are also flawed and imperfect. Still, all their flaws humanizes the drama — we don’t simply get perfect chaebols who has it all: good looks, intelligence, and athleticism. Instead we are introduced to men who may come off as a kind, but also have not-so-good traits, and the female characters get to decide if these traits are deal-breakers or something that they can work on with their partners. The series even showcase how these men (and sometimes even the women) changed for the better to keep their relationships, while some simply decided that it’s best for both parties if they break-off their ties. Their decisions are mostly rational and it’s nice to see how their choices always make sense.

3.) The Storytelling
The series is very straightforward when it comes to storytelling, as the scenes unfold in a timely manner, creating tension when needed but has never came on as too strong. It has more of an internalized aggression feel, especially between the characters. While it seems like something will blow up in the upcoming episodes, it wasn’t an “in your face” explosion when it comes to plot twists and reveals; the scenes threaded lightly while still maintaining the serious aura when presenting the issues at hand. It’s almost like grace while in chaos: you still know the gravity of a situation despite the scenes unfolding in a light — no overacting — manner.

4.) Mature Romance And Complicated Relationships
The drama isn’t exactly your typical romantic-comedy, as the love stories lean toward a more mature genre. The target audience are no longer females in their teens, but, rather, these stories are typically marketed to young adults in their twenties — mostly to older women — yet can still be enjoyed by those in their late teenage years. This is because the relationships in “She Would Never Know” features realistic struggles rather than an idealized idea of love, but still keeps its Webtoon-like roots as it showcases characters that are a bit of a hopeless romantic.

Additionally, “She Would Never Know” made sure to paint out the good and the bad in various types of relationships (from a one-sided love, new couples, and married ones) and their possible hurdles (having contrasting personalities, long-distance relationships, and even gender identity confusion) while they either fight to stay together or have enough reasons to fall apart. As they encounter problems, the series communicates with the audience by showing that love isn’t all rainbows and butterflies; you can still live your happily-ever-after if your love for each other can conquer all odds, if your issues are something both parties can endure and eventually accept, but, sometimes, letting go can also be the better option and can be the happy ending you needed.

5.) The Emotionally Strong Female Characters
The female characters in the series always decided on pushing for what they want first. Their decision is always for what’s best for them, whether that’s prioritizing their careers or choosing love instead. It’s always what THEY WANT, not what other people told them to do.

When Song Ah prioritized her career, it was because it was something that she wanted at that time. But when she decided to go hard for love instead, it was because that’s what she started to long for love. It wasn’t because Hyun Seung told her to choose him, but she picked him because she believed that being with him is what’s best for her and what makes her happy. It’s the same for every other female characters in the series, their decisions are mostly based on what’s best for them, may it be choosing their careers, love, peace of mind, or a combination of all three.

6.) The Soothing OSTs
The original soundtracks in the series are some of the best ones. From NELL’s “Lean On Me,” which also feature rock undertones to GFRIEND’s Eunha’s “Pit-A-Pat” which is more upbeat; all the songs in this drama are simply romantic and calming despite the difference in genre per track.

7.) Career, Professionalism, And A Secret Office Romance
“She Would Never Know” is not just a romance drama, it also shows the daily lives of office workers. The series also has a moral lesson showcasing how it’s best to keep things professional — that one’s private life and their jobs are two separate things. Hence, even when you have problems with someone at work, you won’t let that affect your professional decisions and it shouldn’t interfere with one’s work ethics.

BONUS: This series has a lot of talks about skincare and makeup since Song Ah and Hyun Seung work for a makeup brand called KLAR. If you love K-beauty, this one is a plus point!

If you’re into dramas that are more romantic than comedy, “She Would Never Know” will be something you’ll enjoy, especially if you love a classic noona-dongsaeng type of series.

All in all, “She Would Never Know” tells us that love is not perfect like those in fairytales, and that, in the end, it’s a choice you make everyday — whether to stay or to let go, whether to keep your love as couple or decide to finally starting loving your self first.


WATCH HERE: This series is available on iQIYI Philippines.

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