Korean Food Feature: Makgeolli (Also Known As Rice Wine) In “Vincenzo”

One of the key drinks in tvN’s “Vincenzo” is the Korean rice wine, also known as Makgeolli. In the series, Vincenzo Cassano (portrayed by Song Joong Ki) had some for the first time when he drank with lawyer Hong Yu Chan (portrayed by Yoo Jae Myung). Atty. Hong even poured him some, and, as part of Korea’s culture, he fully turned his back before drinking, but Yoo Jae Myung told him that he only needs to turn half-way — which was actually an adlib!

Makgeolli is one of Korea’s traditional alcoholic drinks brewed from rice and fermentation starter nuruk. The taste of makgeolli varies as there are now different flavors available in the market including chestnuts, peach, banana, citron, and even cream cheese. The original makgeolli, however, has a more milky yet frizzy taste, and is more bittersweet. It also has rice sediments at the bottom of the bottle, similar to Sikhye.

Makgeolli can also be seen during special occasions such as weddings. The drink is also usually paired with jeon (Korean pancakes) and pork dishes.

You can buy Makgeolli in local Korean grocery stores.

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