Seven New Shows On iQiyi International That Will Put You In The Mood For Love This February

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you’re in a relationship and planning to make stay-in date nights cozier or happily single but game for love-themed content to make you feel good, here are Chinese and Korean shows on iQiyi International sure to tickle your feelings and make this season of romance more fun.

  1. HOW TO BE THIRTY delightfully captures the work and love lives of women who have just entered their 30s. The iQiyi exclusive features CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk, Jung In Sun of Welcome to Waikiki, and EXID member Hani.  
  2. DEAR.M follows the twists and turns of characters who are all searching for the mysterious “M”— who caught their interest in an anonymous post on a Seoyeon University online community. The cast includes Park Hye Soo, Jeong Jae Hyun, Roh Jeong Eui, Bae Hyun Sung, Lee Jin Hyuk, and Woo Da Vi.
  3. L.U.C.A is a thriller based on Charles Darwin’s theory that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors. Ji Oh, played by Kim Rae Won, and Gu Reum, played by Lee Da Hee, cross paths as they try to seek answers about the mysteries in their own lives.
  4. iQiyi exclusive MY HEROIC HUSBAND follows the journey of a modern businessman (played by Guo Qi Lin) who time-traveled back to the ancient times, into the body of a useless son-in-law of a commerce family and gets involved in the affairs of the country.
  5. In TIMES, an exciting new political thriller, Seo Jung In (played by Lee Joo Young) connects with reporter Lee Jin Woo (played by Lee Seo Jin) from five years in the past through a phone call and discovers a dangerous truth and a journey to prevent the death of her President father, Seo Gi Tae (played by Kim Yeong Cheol).
  6. GO GO SQUID 2: DT.APPLEDOG’S TIME follows the adventures of two passionate, dedicated individuals seeing action in the national robot competition which seeks to promote robotics among the younger generation. Taking on the lead roles are Hu Yitian as Wu Bai (DT) and Li Yi Tong as Ai Qing (Appledog).
  7. CELESTIAL AUTHORITY ACADEMY is a romantic drama centered around male lead Zhao Jingyang who has never believed in fate but changes his outlook after meeting new friends. The iQiyi exclusive features Idol Producer’s Roi Qin and Zhou Yan Chen, and Xu Hao (from Girlfriend and The Rise of Phoenixes). 

Viewers can access these releases on iQiyi International’s website or on the platform’s free mobile application that can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Fans can also take advantage of the limited time offer of 50% off on Standard and Premium VIP annual membership from February 9-14, 2021. For as low as Php499, watch your favorite shows in 1080p, dolby atmos sound on your mobile devices, ad-free.  

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